Arabic makeup

You can not dispute the fact that the eastern beautyIt is particularly bright, and all because for a long time the East girls learned to skillfully applied to the face of cosmetics. Clean lines, dark colors and rich colors successfully highlight the most beneficial features, makes a woman irresistible and cause many men to turn around after her.

Nowadays Arabic makeup resumespopularity, therefore healingandbodywork decided to consider in more detail the specifics of this technology and give some recommendations on application of this make-up.

Features Arabian makeup

The main feature of oriental make-upIt is a special saturation and brightness of the colors used in the shadows, lipsticks and pencil. It is worth noting that the classical technique involves the allocation is not a particular part of the face, and underline the entire image in full: lips, cheeks, eyes, and eyebrows. However, the modern version of the oriental make-up allows you to focus on only one element, most often they are the eyes. Other features attached to the natural look by applying makeup neutral shades.

I would like to list the main features of this technology:

  1. The color scheme of the means of decorativecosmetics presented as dark and saturated colors: black, purple, bright purple, dark gray and golden or bronze. Shadows, used in oriental make-up, can be a pearl, and matte.
  2. Regardless of the natural shape of the eyes girl,Arabic make-up involves giving them the classic almond-shaped. This is done by using dark eyeliner, black pencil or antimony, are applied fairly thick line.
  3. Eyebrows also play an important role in the creation ofsolid image. They should not be too thin, the average thickness is better, and besides, they need to distinguish bright, clear line drawn across the length of the eyebrows.
  4. Lips can give sensual sexy look with the help of lipstick warm natural tones. And if you then apply another thin layer and the light - the effect is remarkable.
  5. Various sequins and rhinestones that are notperfect for business and daily make-up, you can safely use it in Arabic make-up. Oriental girl often used like decorative elements in order to emphasize the eyelids, temples and eyelashes. Since this type of makeup is suitable only for a special occasion, such as a holiday or a party, you should not be afraid of excessive brightness.

Technique Arabic makeup

Because oriental girl in the majoritycharacterized by dark skin and dark hair and expressive eyes, and then east make the most of items on the ladies with a similar type. Such women can use a variety of color shades: brown, yellow, dark green, bright blue or red shades. But the light-skinned blondes do not despair, because they can be applied to the eyelids those colors that will be most organic look, combined with gray or blue eyes. They are perfect light green, golden, silver, pale lilac or pinkish gamma.

Arab makeup application technique can be described as a sequence of actions:

  1. First pick up those shades of shadows,that will be best suited to your tsvetotipu. You can use makeup with a matte texture, but still most clearly will look brilliant pearlescent shade.
  2. Once you have decided on the colorrange, you need to prepare a person for the application of make-up. All redness, rashes, dark circles and age spots mask should be using a good foundation, and if need be, and proofreader. On top of the basics superimposed layer of loose powder. Enough dark girl suit color of one tone to the skin, and white-faced beauties better to use powder slightly darker.
  3. Gives the skin a perfect look, you can doeyes. This part of the face - the card of Arab makeup, but because it requires very careful consideration. Remember that the eyebrows - is the framing of your eyes, and in this kind of make-up, they should be clearly marked. Spend a clear black pencil line along the eyebrow and do the same on the other hand, do not forget to follow the symmetry.
  4. Sami eyes before applying the shadow is goodprepared. For starters cover eyelids with a thin layer of foundation, and after - the basic foundation. After the work done, you can proceed to the most interesting part - the drawing of colored shadows. You need to apply them both at the top and on the lower eyelid, while thoroughly blending the boundaries between different colors. The preferred use for this purpose a broad brush, which should not be spread on the skin shade, and make easy to drive in motion.
  5. The most characteristic feature of Arab makeup - itfatty distinct direction. Once you nakrasili eye shadows, you need to cut around the outline of a black pencil or liquid liner. The second option is much better, because it creates a very bright and clear line, and this is a very important part of Eastern Eye. Drawing arrows, try to make them as much as possible smooth, symmetrical and identical.
  6. Once you have given your eyesexpressiveness, cover the upper eyelid lashes with black ink in several layers so that they seemed to be as much as possible long and thick. The lower lashes is not necessary to allocate too bright, quite a bit of tint in the outer corners of eyes.
  7. Broad brush, apply blush to the cheekbones. Better not choose bright colors, give preference to the natural range - so you do not outshine the beauty of your eyes.
  8. Lipstick in modern Arabic makeup is also notto be too saturated colors. Emphasize lips lighter shades: pale pink, beige, caramel and peach. On top of lipstick, apply a coat of clear gloss - it will create the effect of wet and make the lips more sensual and passionate.

The subtleties of applying makeup arrows in Arabic

Modern technology Eastern make-up highlights two ways of drawing arrows. Depending on the natural shape of your eyes, you can choose one of them:

  1. If you are lucky, and nature endowed you with eyescorrect form, then no need to resort to any not contrivances. Just give them a classic almond-shaped, using for this purpose a black pencil or eyeliner. Lower eyelid too, should not deprive attention, and highlight its outline, little finger pulling the outer corner of the eye.
  2. If your eye incision is not large enough, ortheir corners slightly lowered, Arab arrows you should apply a little different. Outlining eyelashes, do not interconnect the top and bottom line. Summing circuit, lift it up slightly from the temple, the same make and fixed age. The small gap between the arrows, you can conceal the dark or light shades - it will make your eyes visually bigger.
  3. You can use technology to the east is notonly a black pencil or liquid liner, and antimony. This ancient remedy makeup back into fashion, and that it is used in classical Arabic makeup.