The use of stone oil

Stone oil - an amazing product. On it there is so little scientific information, and thus it is so popular in folk medicine. While being treated with this oil the most severe human diseases.

The healing properties of oil

It is often confused with oil stone mummy, butIn fact it is two completely different natural materials, combines them only that they mined in remote places. Stone oil in the natural environment found in a cave in the rocks or caves, it looks as amorphous sinters, and the color depends on the quantity of zinc it contains. The most common white, red and yellow oil. This was purified by unnecessary components such as limestone and similar fragments of rocks, and receive quality oil, which usually appears as a powder and has a sour taste astringent. This product is readily soluble in water and poorly - in alcohol and glycerin.

Apply oil stone as preventioncan manner: dissolve part of the third teaspoon of the powder in the three liters of drinking water. MirSovetov recommends that you take a teaspoon of drug per day, in order to understand how the body responds to the new product. If the next day feeling normal, you need to gradually increase the dose of medication, going to three tablespoons per day, it is desirable to take the medicine after eating. Can the recommended dose divided into three parts and drink one spoonful before meals three times a day.

To combat skin diseases is recommendedmake lotions with stone oil. This requires to take three grams of the powder and diluted in three liters of water. The lower the solution and gauze make lotions twice daily starting from five minutes to an hour reaching gradually. The course of treatment lasts a month, then be sure to give your body a rest for two weeks. You can add this powder in the bath, dissolve half a teaspoon of water in a glass of water and pour the mixture into the bath. To effect was, the procedure must be repeated every other day just 10 times. The skin after the water is not necessary to wipe, can be slightly wet towel.

The dose of drug necessary to increase the treatment of canceror acute inflammation. In this case, half a liter of water to stir with three grams of powder. In addition to oral administration in cancer and women's diseases make compresses.

Stone oil and illness

The good fame of stone oil goes among thosewho suffers from diabetes. To compensate for this disease is necessary to prepare such a drug, three grams of powder mix with two liters of drinking water. To drink a hundred grams three times a day before meals for three months. You can add to this solution infusions of herbs, so that in addition to treating the underlying disease will recover and immunity.

Expel from its body kidney stones can be athelp this medication: add a tea spoon of powder per liter of water. The mixture should be drunk before meals for one hundred grams three times a day. Parallel to this, still need to take this infusion: a glass of cold potable water put a teaspoon of madder. Leave the water at night and in the morning put on fire and cook for twenty minutes. Then strain and pour on the grass drinking water, turned to two hundred grams of liquid. This medicine to drink in small sips throughout the day. Please note that the urine will be pink, if it does not, then the solution was prepared wrong.

For people who spend a lot of time insitting position, as well as for those who are sick pyelonephritis will be useful to take oil with honey. Recipe standard: three liters of water and three grams of powder, only ready solution you need to add a tablespoon of honey. You need to drink three times a day for one hundred grams. This medicine is also suitable for those who have recently had surgery. It is also recommended after surgery to make compresses on the joints.

For patients chondrosis traditional medicineI prepared this recipe: one hundred and fifty grams of water the same amount of rubbing alcohol, twenty-five drops of iodine, three grams of oil powder. Stir and add a pinch of red pepper. The medicine to drink and to lie down on the warm phase-change material.

Insect bites in the affected area need to make a stone oil, and tumor pain will not be.

Cosmetic use of stone oil

The most common stone oil is used for careskin and hair. Beauticians recommend to wash with a solution of this drug (in two liters of water diluted with three grams of powder). After moisturizing the skin is not necessary to wipe it with a towel. From the same solution also makes lotions for ever, that keep the skin for twenty minutes. After this procedure will start to smooth out fine wrinkles around the eyes, leave redness, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Oily skin is well suited this mask: cup of oat bran is mixed with a teaspoon of butter powder. This mixture take a tablespoon and add to it water, until a homogeneous paste. It needs to be applied to the face and neck, hold for twenty minutes and rinse with water, which added a little lemon juice or salt. Mask to do this once a week. Other days you can do for you to habitual masks for face.

Skin, which has a tightening needs to begrateful for such a mask: Mix one egg white and add to it three drops of stone oil solution (5%). Apply on face for fifteen minutes, then rinse under running warm water and treat the skin with lotion. This lifting mask can not be done frequently enough to be every two weeks, in the rest of the time you can make other mask for aging skin.

To all the masks and other cosmetic treatmentswere even more effective, they must be combined with the oil inside the stone by the following scheme: three times a day to drink a glass of an oil solution (three grams per three liters of water).

Contraindications to receive the stone oil

Before starting treatment with stone oil necessarybe sure to get permission from their physician. Because this unique product has some serious contraindications. So, one should not be treated with oil, if a woman is pregnant and lactation, children under 15 years, if the person suffers with obstructive jaundice and suffer from chronic constipation. And if you are hypersensitive to the drug, which can be detected only by taking the product inside, so the first few times you need to drink a medicine in a small dose.

Caution is necessary to continue treatment with oil, ifpeople along with him takes hormone pills or sick arterial hypotension, heart disease, thrombosis, and all the diseases which are accompanied by high blood clotting.

During treatment, prohibits any drinkingalcoholic and alcoholic beverages, antibiotics, and there are products that can cause gout or kidney stones occurrence, this applies to all, except chicken, meats, strong tea and coffee, chocolate and radish.

Carefully need to apply compresses with open wounds, the solution must be very weak, but in this case it does not aggravate the situation, and will be a good remedy.