The use of sandalwood oil

The healing and regenerating properties of the oilsandalwood valued by different nations of the world since ancient times. Strong, specific and at the same time noble aroma may not be immediately clear to the layman, I found its application in cosmetics and perfumery production line, and, of course, in medicine, both in ancient and modern.

Extraction of sandalwood oil

Trees for the production of sandalwood oil -evergreens that grow in tropical parts of India. Of course oil is extracted from the core of the tree, whose age must be at least 30 years. The most expensive and the quality is considered to be oil, extracted from the core of the root, that is, for its production tree uprooted and destroyed completely.

The technology is quite time consuming and is notcheapness different. Typically, production of sandalwood oil using steam distillation: finely divided raw material is processed very hot steam, whereby oil is extracted directly from the wood cells.

Consumer demand for sandalwood oil, thoughit is quite expensive, takes a tremendous pace, and therefore now more intensified activity of poachers who simply destroyed the trees on a colossal scale. The catastrophe is that the poachers for the early earnings, just cut down the trees, floating exclusively poles, and they leave precious roots rot in the ground.

Medical properties of sandalwood oil

was indispensable for medical purposes sandalwood oil many years ago, it remains indispensable today. Here are the main indications for this essential oil:

  1. Oil has inflammatory action. It has long been used as an external, internal insect bites, poisoning and various kinds of infections.
  2. Antispasmodic oil helps relieve cramps, spasms and saves at pains, facilitates health of women during menstruation, as it relaxes the blood vessels and muscles.
  3. Expectorant for coughs - here to helpexternal rubbing into the skin of the chest and back, and with them it is possible to conduct inhalation (rinsing is contraindicated, because oil has not particularly pleasant taste).
  4. The antiviral effect of sandalwood oil is undeniable, it helps with colds or flu will recover.
  5. Applying sandalwood oil as aromatherapy, it is easier to survive the stress and anxiety, it helps to quickly escape and relaxation.
  6. Skin diseases and infections are also treated with this miraculous essential oil including eczema and fungal infections.
  7. Regular use of the oil as soon as possible is able to heal the skin from acne, boils and skin inflammations of various kinds.
  8. Diseases of the urogenital system in both men (sexual disorders), and women from cystitis and vaginitis to female frigidity.

It must be remembered that the sandalwood oil can not beapplied in pure form, but is required to be mixed with any base. For example, for inhalation is very effective to add 3-4 drops, and for use in aromalampe - 5/7 of the oil droplets. To get rid of a headache is enough to spread on whiskey 1 drop of sandalwood oil, as well as on the back of the neck. Very good use of it for the massage, the basis for this can be taken jojoba oil or almond oil, and for every 10 mL to add 3-4 drops of sandalwood oil.

Medical contraindications

In fact, there is virtually no sandalwood oilcontraindications, except that idiosyncrasy. However, it should be noted that at the time of pregnancy and renal diseases such as glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis, the use of sandalwood oil is forbidden. And, of course, it should be remembered that in its pure form, this oil can not be used.

Face Sandalwood oil

One can say with confidence that it is -It is indispensable for the skin of our face. Above healingandbodywork already talked about the fact that it gets rid of acne and boils, as well as from various redness and inflammation on the skin of the face, which is very difficult or impossible to disguise. To get rid of all these problems on the face, you need to dot, solely on the affected area, apply a little oil several times a day. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, very soon you will feel the result.

For skin oil it is not onlyindispensable, but also a universal remedy. By purchasing it in a store or pharmacy, be sure that it will definitely fit your skin type: sandalwood has the property moisturizes and soothes dry and sensitive skin and clean the fat.

Recipe application of sandalwood oil to get rid ofwrinkles is very simple: add 1-2 drops to your cream, mix and use as normal. Especially effective is the oil for the skin around the eyes and it applies as the first wrinkles, and long-standing.

If you like to use a different homemasks for the face, then there can also add 1 drop of sandalwood oil - it will strengthen the effect of the mask made by several times. You can also use essential oils instead of cream, to take this oil-base (such as linseed or olive) and align it with the rate of sandalwood 2 drops of essential 1 tablespoon of the basics.

The use of sandalwood oil for hair

Indian women for centuries valued forbeautiful, thick, strong and shiny hair. And their main secret is just the sandalwood oil. The fact that it helps to strengthen the hair, stimulates their growth, fights dandruff and as stated in the infamous advertising, restores the structure. Also, importantly, the oil protects hair exposed to the frequent use of blow-drying and curling irons, ironing.

Sandalwood oil is generally a godsend for lentyaek hisapplication actually does not require any special training. You can simply add 1-2 drops to your shampoo or conditioner, and you have to see how much has changed and strengthened your hair. Indian beauties are applied immediately after washing a couple of drops of oil, and then proceed to drying - the hair shine and gain vitality. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount, otherwise the hair will look greasy.

How to avoid common mistakes in choosing an oil

Counterfeits of today, unfortunately, in all areasour lives a considerable amount. It does not have passed this line of essential oils. Let's try to consider the main features of natural sandalwood oil:

  1. Buy only proven shops and only proven brand of essential oils producers.
  2. Do not pursue cheap, natural sandalwood oil can not be cheap. Ask price on the internet and be guided, when you see on the shelves.
  3. Natural oil does not have a sharp odor.
  4. Spend test: place a large drop of oil on a sheet of paper, if after 10 minutes greasy stain disappears, then the natural oil (allowed only very a weak spot).
  5. The color should be pale yellow, smooth, without any shades and impurities.