The use of rapeseed oil

A few years ago, the hostess and never heard ofproduct such as rapeseed oil. Previously sold in stores but mostly sunflower corn oil, cottonseed sometimes more, but he also did not know where properly applied. Today, rapeseed oil is gaining in popularity, it added even baby food.

The emergence of rapeseed oil

As it happened the plant rapeseed, from whichmined healing oil, scientists still have not figured out. In the wild it grows, and as the crop is grown for several millennia. This plant belongs to the cabbage family, and ten years ago because it started to produce biofuels.

According to geneticists, rape is derived from vegetable gardensuperetsy cabbage or cabbage field, which is a very long time was considered a weed. But at the same time from the seeds for many years superetsy extracted oil, which is then added to the soap, as well as various technical liquid. So superetsu and is considered one of the varieties of rapeseed, and some sources even these two plants is described as one unit.

Where it appeared rape, also unknown, at this time began to make out of it, and oil. But then almost a century of rape forgotten and only recently it appeared in the production of oil.

Many believe that rapeseed oil is more usefulolive, although the latter is considered to be almost universal. These two oils and the taste is similar, and the nutritional value, but rape is a bit cheaper. It is because of this similarity in some countries, rape is called "northern olive", although it is not a tree.

The composition of the oil has been studied thoroughly enough,It is known that it hundred grams contains about 900 kcal and fats practically one hundred percent, where there are saturated and unsaturated acids. Most oil-oleic acid have also erucic acid and eicosenoic. Among polyunsaturated especially valuable are linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid. Among the vitamins can be identified and vitamin E in the group of nutrients - phosphorus, carotenoids, calcium, copper.

Useful properties of oil

Due to the fact that the rape oil containsa lot of unsaturated fatty acids, it recommends healingandbodywork include your menu for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the circulatory system, because with regular use of the product reduces the risk of blood clots. Also good effect on the oil intake and metabolism, accelerating cell renewal process, fat people get rid of the extra kilos, thanks to the fact that no harmful cholesterol accumulates on blood vessels, and is expelled. The dietary recommended to use this oil instead of other oils in the dishes.

The rape more than in olives, essential acids, which play a crucial role in the body, they are necessary for cell membranes and have antioxidant properties.

Rapeseed oil is often used not only incooking, but also for the preparation of cosmetics with their own hands. It is great to soften the skin, nourishes and moisturizes. And pharmacology using sterilized oil, it is necessary for solution for injection.

Demand for this product is growing day by day,because it changes and its quality. There are countries where the canola oil-based margarine do on and then it is added to salads, and it is persistent and clear in contact with air does not spoil.

In women, this product is the prevention of cancerbreast, because it includes analog female sex hormone estradiol vegetable origin only. This hormone for the female body is very important because it is responsible for a woman's ability to conceive.

A couple of years ago, scientists conducted a social surveyamong residents of San Francisco, and it found that those women who used for cooking canola oil, much less found a formation in the breast than those enjoyed by any other vegetable oil.

If we talk about the use of rapeseed oil forheart of the system, the content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for the smooth operation of the heart muscle, then this product will come first, second and avoiding olive sunflower oil. This product was added even baby food, citing the fact that it is useful for a growing body.

The use of rapeseed oil

Most useful for the organism to use rapeseedoil in crude form. Can they fill the vegetable salads. You can cook a vitamin salad: Take a pound of raw carrots and a hundred grams of prunes and dried apricots. Carrot peel and rub on a medium-sized grater, dried fruit wash and pour boiling water for a few minutes, so that they become soft. Then they chop and pour rapeseed oil, about 50 ml, add salt to taste, add a little lemon juice, you can optionally add the cumin seeds or fennel, salad mix and ready to be served.

Use canola oil in cooking and homecosmetics. Especially useful for the skin will be a bath with this product. After her skin is very delicate, velvety. To make healing bath, take a glass of milk, a quarter of the cup of sea salt, a teaspoon of corn starch, two tablespoons of canola oil, a few drops of lavender oil, extracts of lime, a little dried flower, lavender is desirable. This mixture should be added to warm water to take a bath and a quarter hours. This bath not only nourish the skin but also soothe the nerves, relieve inflammation of the skin, eliminate germs.

Can rapeseed oil as a medicine on an empty stomach to take a teaspoon a day, preferably in the morning to do it. And after advise with your physician.

oil Contraindications

Eat oil from rapeseed can not people suffering from diarrhea, an exacerbation of chronic hepatitis, gallstones, and if there is an individual intolerance of the drug.

One of the main disadvantages of this product -This large amount of erucic acid, it is difficult to cope with the body's enzymes, and it is not completely consumed, and accumulates in organs and may one day fail in the reproductive system of the body. In children, it can affect the delay of sexual development. Furthermore, this acid adversely affects the liver, cardiac muscle, skeletal and vascular condition. Therefore, in some European countries, certain grades of oil are prohibited for consumption as food. Despite this, in Germany the product is one of the most popular food and its use is much more often than other oils.

When choosing an oil, pay attention to the smell,it should be fragrant, not rancid, and the color - a good oil is light in color with a yellow tinge. If the bottle has a precipitate, then oil was oxidized, it is not necessary to take. Keep it should be only in a dark place, for frying is not recommended, under the influence of high temperatures it produced dangerous compounds. It is best to add it to salads, and no doubt that the way it brings only benefits.