The use of jojoba oil

This drug has long been people find "liquid gold", not only because of the beautiful amber color. At jojoba oil weight advantages, the lion's share of which covers the use of oil in cosmetology.

Where did this extraordinary oil,unknown until now. The ancient Egyptians, when excavated, found in the tombs of their ancestors interesting vessels filled with unknown substance bright yellow. After doubts were discarded Egyptians understood that oil is in the vessels. It had a special "viscous" structure and, therefore, it was a minor expense.

Later, many people in ancient Egypt experienced theimagine the uniqueness of this oil. It was so popular that it even served as money in exchange currency. He changed to a more valuable items - weapons, jewelry and food.

Features of plants

Jojoba - is a shrub which has the nameChinese boxwood. The plant has several names: jojoba and Chinese simmondisiya. The substance which can be obtained from the fruit and seeds of this plant is called the oil, although it is more similar to the structure with wax in the liquid state. At the ripe fruit bushes contains a large amount of liquid - 50 percent.

After ripening fruit (they look like pea), they are collected and cold pressed to give an oil viscous consistency and amber.


Because of the unique chemical composition of the liquidIt kept a very long time and does not lose its beneficial properties. Paradoxically, but it is practically the only means in which no added colors or flavors. Because of these properties, oil is considered hypoallergenic, and it can be safely used by people located allergies. In addition, to increase the life of cosmetic products and other oils are also added to the extract obtained from the fruit of the boxwood bush.

Due to the fact that the oil contained about 25percent of wax, it is on the chemical composition is very similar to subcutaneous fat, so if it is put on the face, a means of instantly absorbed and helps the skin filled with moisture faster. It forms on the surface of the skin barely noticeable thin plenochku, which, incidentally, does not appear shiny, but on the contrary, retains moisture on the skin surface, thus contributing to the preservation of the skin from drying.

The composition of the extract obtained from the fruit ofjojoba bush includes amino acids, lipids, vitamins A and E, and minerals. By the way, according to the latest research, scientists have concluded that most of the indicators of the same chemical composition with anti-aging substance - spermaceti. The oil-like substance in a rare spermaceti, contains a protein responsible for skin elasticity.

Due to the fact that the oil has a vitamin E, itIt stimulates the skin cells to actively update. Also, because of which is part of the vitamin oils tool widely used to treat skin diseases.

Where used

Jojoba oil is actively used for the care of:

  • facial skin;
  • the body;
  • hair.

When applying the oil to the skin, as a person, andbody, immediately becomes a positive result - the skin gets a healthy complexion becomes visibly younger. It helps oil and tired skin returns to its former beauty.

Oil also eliminates:

  • peeling;
  • dry skin;
  • flabbiness;
  • small wrinkles;
  • "Crow's feet".

Furthermore, MirSovetov recommendsjojoba when sunbathing - it will facilitate uniform tan, which will last longer than usual, and the excess skin from the sun's rays will not suffer from the fact that there are substances in the oil, an ultraviolet blocker.


  • after a cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted hair on the body and the face, the oil on the skin calming;
  • for moisturizing dry, chapped lips;
  • women during pregnancy and after allowed to use oil as a warning and to get rid of stretch marks;
  • when it is necessary to tighten the skin (after pregnancy and sudden weight loss);
  • Oil is part of the funds for the care of newborn skin.

Did you know that if you eat a fewJojoba fruit a day, you can fool the stomach and gradually get rid of excess weight? Fruits are really saturate the body and blunts hunger. To this effect remained, enough to eat a dozen of nuts or have a large spoonful of butter, a glass of water. Such actions are carried out just before the meal.

Unique Hair

Incredibly, what oil can be "washed"dirty hair. When it penetrates into the scalp, it saturate nutrients and if we use oil constantly, you can adjust the production of sebum.

Oil is indispensable in carrying out the chemicalmanipulation of the hair: perm and coloring. Most part of the oil not only face creams, shampoos and lotions, conditioners, hair dyes.

Caring properly

healingandbodywork tells its readers how to apply the oil.

To hair was strong and purchasedeffect "silk", you need to comb (teeth should be rare) put a few drops of oil and hold hair. These oil combing can be done several times a day.

If the scalp and along the entire length of hair before washing for 20 minutes, put the butter and rub it - the hair will become softer and will not go awry.

With intensive hair loss makes the mask: a few drops of jojoba oil, cedar, ginger, pine, eucalyptus mix and put on a comb - comb the hair. The same blend of oils applied to the hair before washing the head.

Nourishing oil for hair: large spoon of jojoba oil, the same amount of liquid honey, half a small spoon (tea) propolis, one egg yolk, two "Mummy" tablets (crushed). All components mix and apply as a mask before washing the head.

To remove the skin irritation after shaving, it is oiled. Moisturize dry skin and also makes oil bath of oils: jojoba, grape, peach and almond.

Problem skin, you can liven up a mask: a couple of tablespoons of jojoba oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil and mix to lubricate the only problem areas. Actions to perform twice.

Remove wrinkles around the eyes can be a mixture of jojoba oil and peppermint essential oil. Oil Mix and apply on skin for fifteen minutes, then gently remove with a cotton swab.

To dry lips were the same, you need to put on them a mixture of jojoba oil (spoon) and a few drops of lemon balm oil. This mixture should be lubricated lips several times a day, gently massaging them.

To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms that occurs in most women - cellulite, it is necessary to lubricate areas such oil mixture:

  1. Jojoba.
  2. Lavender.
  3. Lemon.
  4. Juniper.
  5. Geranium.
  6. Fennel.
  7. Rosemary (can be replaced by Cypress).

Reduce stretch marks actually using:

  • two big tablespoons of jojoba;
  • a pair of drops of any aroma oils 2-3.

Two mixture allowed alternately rubbed into the skin using a hard sponge massage movements. You can use them to massage the problem areas on the thighs and buttocks.