The use of corn oil

All of us are very fond of sweet corn andWe look forward to when it will be ready in time to enjoy the special taste and fill the body with useful substances. But this can only be done once a year. But the use of oil derived from corn, can be year-round.

So it is assumed that our hostess used tokitchen use sunflower oil, and, in rare cases - olive. On corn, many not even heard. And in vain! healingandbodywork claims that this oil is considered as useful and necessary for humans, because corn is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It just need to purchase, as the oil will be useful in cooking, and in cosmetology, and even in medicine.

For the first time, this oil which also applies forpopular name "vegetable", was produced in the late 18th century in the state of Indiana. American scientists have thoroughly studied its useful properties, and noted that oil derived from corn cobs, is a valuable product. Then I was born the second name of the product - "West of gold." The name reflects not only the unique properties of the product, and also indicates the color - beautiful bright golden yellow.

Production and composition

To get a useful product is appliedthis technique: selected ripe, juicy, not maize embryos damaged and submerged in water for 30 hours. As a result, a long stay in the water, the grains are transformed into a homogeneous mass, which is treated with a special substance - sulfur dioxide. After processing raw materials becomes lighter shade becomes transparent and has little odor.

Depending on the technology, the oil is of such species:

  • Refined (deodorized). Used exclusively for the preparation of dietary dishes. The label look labeling - "D";
  • the same refined, but for general use in canteens, restaurants, etc. The label is marked with - "P".;
  • refined, but not flavored. It has a special smell, but do not worry about it, as well as the oil passes a certain degree of purification;
  • unrefined. It features a characteristic dark tint, has a pungent odor, may precipitate. This type of oil is the most beneficial to the human body.

By the number of nutrients, corn oil has almost the same set of vitamins and minerals from soybean oil. In corn contains the following nutrients:

  1. Vitamin E.
  2. Acids: linoleic, stearic, and oleic palmitovaya.
  3. A useful component - lecithin.
  4. B vitamins, as well as A and PP.
  5. Minerals - magnesium, calcium and others.

Despite the wealth of vitamins, oil, especiallymade use in cooking is not often. This is caused by a factor that may be contained in a small amount of pesticides and that the plant is treated when grown beyond the useful components in the oil. Therefore if you're greeted at the store corn oil - it is mostly refined. By the way, this kind of product is perfect for cooking: it will not foam, is odorless, non-flammable when heated. And the fact that oil has a pronounced taste, allowing them to fill a variety of salads.

The useful

In the first place, nutritionists say such an importantaspect as an increased oil content of vitamin E. This vitamin is present in the oil in two times higher than in other oils, in particular, fine olive oil and sunflower. Due to the high content of vitamin E, a person can adjust the operation of many organs and improve the endocrine glands and the adrenal glands. This close relationship will improve the physical condition.

If the daily use of 15-20 ml of oil on can improve the body's tolerance to high loads.

Special attention MipSovetov readersIt focuses on the following: oil has beneficial effects on human cells and prevents them from falling as a result of a mutation in the body of chemicals and the negative radiation.

In addition, the oil also has such an effect on the body:

  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • It increases the body's resistance to viruses and bacteria;
  • beneficial effects on the endocrine organs;
  • It protects the heart and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and elasticity;
  • It helps to normalize the stomach and intestines, improve metabolism, improve liver function;
  • oil is used in treatment of kidney diseases, gall bladder;
  • it is recommended to use for people suffering from diabetes;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • improves mood;
  • benefits to pregnant women, lactating mums and kiddies, as it helps cleanse, restore and recovery of the body as a whole;
  • positive effect on the condition of skin, hair and nail plates. If you add a little oil in a cosmetic mask, you can smooth out wrinkles, lighten dark spots;
  • in general, the oil has a rejuvenating effect on the body, it prevents aging.

Where applicable

Despite the unpopularity of corn oil, it has a fairly wide range of applications. Thus, oil is used:

  • in cooking;
  • medicine;
  • cosmetology.

Consider the details. The cooking oil is used for salads, and roasting. To the oil in a frying pan or spray on the sides of the product (such as meat, fish or vegetables) is necessary to remove excess moisture - wet cloth pieces and roll in flour or breadcrumbs.

Incidentally, the oil from the corn grain suitable for frying, particularly if it is necessary to fry the meat. It will turn out juicy and tender.

In addition, the cooks add a little oil in the dough, so it turned out a lush and resilient.

Also corn product in salads, sauces and used for preparing margarine.

In folk medicine, corn oil is also widely used. For the treatment of gall bladder should be consumed on a large spoonful of the product twice a day for half an hour before meals.

Besides, oil can drink, and in the case of work spasmodic colon, obesity, diabetes.

External oil is used in such cases:

  • for the treatment of fine cracks and cuts;
  • treatment of eczema, psoriasis;
  • to improve the condition of hair.

In order to improve the patient's condition with eczema,you must not only lubricate the affected areas, but also to use the oil inside (dosage - a tablespoon at a time). It is desirable to wash down with 250 ml of warm water (boiled!). Take with meals. In the water you can add a little honey or apple cider vinegar.

The beauty industry has also found corn oilgood use. Thus, the numerous positive reviews of clients masters of hairdressing, conclusions can be drawn: if the oil is rubbed into the hair roots regularly, such a mask will help strengthen hair follicles and the hair will become soft and will become smooth.

To get rid of age spots, it is necessarywipe the oil space, and on top of the fruit masks applied. If you want to smooth out the wrinkles of the skin, it is possible to prepare such a mask: a little oil, honey and one egg yolk to mix and apply a thin layer on the face. To put on 15-20 minutes, and after a time withdraw a cotton sponge, and wash your face with warm water.

To improve the condition of the skin of hands and strengthen nails, you need to do oil bath + a few drops of iodine (15 minutes), and then put on gloves hands.

About contraindications

Obvious contraindications to the use of cornno oil. According to doctors, it is undesirable to use people with individual intolerance. Nor should immediately ingest large doses. It is better to start treatment and gradually increase the amount of oil slowly. Remember that oil as a medicine, it can be helpful if you take it gently and without fanaticism.