The use of Epsom salts

Epsom salt gets its name from thethe fact that it was invented in England in the late XVII century. In fact - it is Magnesium sulfate, and it was prepared by evaporation of sea water or mineral water. Its application is very wide, both in medicine and in cosmetics and household, she has covered almost all areas of our lives.

Use in medicine

Epsom salt can be bought in a pharmacy, it is usuallyIt is sold in powder form and its nominal volume is usually between 50 g and more. It may appoint cardiac arrhythmias, bronchitis and asthma. It also reduces the risk of preterm birth in pregnant women. Quite often it is used as an injectable in preterm babies to reduce the risk of cerebral palsy.

Salt has a good laxative effect. It is prescribed to adults for the night at the rate of 10-30 g of powder to a glass of water, and children from 1 year - 1 g per year of life. Also, it greatly helps in the treatment of chronic constipation, acceptable use as an enema.

Suitable salt and to treat insect bites,as mosquitoes and bees. It is necessary to make a compress consisting of 2 tablespoons of sulfate dissolved in a glass of warm water. This compress quickly relieve swelling and pain from the affected place.

Salt perfectly helps with cramps, pain in muscles, bruises and sprains. Baths with Epsom salts are advised to take the people involved in sports, to reduce the natural muscle pain.

Spa based on Epsom salts

Epsom salt is great saturates the body with magnesium. The best means for this are considered to be salt baths. They have enormous medicinal properties:

  • strengthen the nervous system;
  • reduce joint pain;
  • reduce muscle pain;
  • relieve swelling;
  • removal of residues and toxins;
  • normalize metabolism;
  • promote weight loss;
  • heal small wounds on the skin;
  • promote the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin.

Take these baths should be 2-3 times a week. The most popular prescription - 0.5-1 kg of salt is dissolved in the bath. That treatment has been more than successful as possible, it is important to perform a few rules:

  • since such a procedure takes an extra finewater from the body, before you need to drink 1 glass of water. For the same reason, throughout the course of treatment it is very important to drink not less than 2,5-3 liters of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration;
  • perform the procedure you need before going to sleep, it is advisable to listen to soothing music and play a soft light;
  • Water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees. Since nutrients are best to soak into your body;
  • Bathe only in sitting position, to have not been affected area of ​​the heart.

Hours baths - 15-20 minutes,completion to take a cool shower. Try as soon as possible to go to bed. If you feel thirsty, be sure to drink water. Also, a few hours after the bath possible increased sweating - it is absolutely normal.

Contraindications to the salt bath reception will be: kidney disease, hypertension, pregnancy, menstruation, varicose veins.

There is a prescription anti-cellulite bath on the basis ofEpsom salts. For its creation, 2 cups of magnesium sulfate to be mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil and 5-7 drops of juniper oil. Pour the prepared mixture into the bath before it is dialed water, preferably under the most jet. Next, perform the procedure as described above.

Beauty Recipes with Epsom salts

Magnesium sulfate is excellent treats from toenailsfungus. To do this, you need to take a bath for the feet: 100 g of salt dissolved in a basin of warm (37-38 degrees) water. In order to pass the course of treatment, it is necessary to make such bath is not less than 10 times, 3-4 times a week. Procedures are ideal for people who by the nature of the activity carried out a lot of time "on his feet" as Epsom salt reduces fatigue, tension and muscle pain.

The salt can also be used as a facial scrub andbody. Dosing the same: moisten skin, pour a little money on the palm and add a little warm water. Resulting solution can rub the skin or body. This not only removes dead skin particles and make your skin smooth and silky, but also help get rid of acne and prevent its possible appearance.

In order to make the hair shiny andsilky, need to mix equal parts of Epsom salts and hair conditioner. Apply the mixture to clean, damp hair and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Hands always give us all the information: how much we work, how carefully a trail, so they just need to pay a lot of attention. Moisturize and rejuvenate with the help of them you can bath with magnesium sulfate. A quarter cup of salt is dissolved in 2-3 liters of warm water and immerse the hands for 15 minutes.

Incidentally, Epsom salts can be used asdry shampoo when there is no time to wash my hair. Just do it better than just a few hours before leaving the house, as it tends to peel off from the hair. So, dirty hair, rub a small amount of salt. Of course, their appearance will not be as soon after washing, but much improved.

Magnesium sulfate has the whitening property that it needs, or add it to toothpaste, or separately to clean their teeth.

Epsom salt diet

In addition to bathing, apply Epsom saltspossible and as an ingredient for the wraps, which are perfectly help losing weight. A quarter cup of warm water is necessary to dissolve a tablespoon of Epsom salts and add 10 drops of menthol oil. Once all the ingredients are well dissolved, soak in a mixture of gauze and wrap it around your waist. On top of the food you need to roll the film and the like as 20 minutes. The procedure is important to not less than two weeks.

But do not forget that these sessions are not tooIt affects the body fat, but only deduce the excess fluid from the body. Thus, Epsom salts should not be the main and auxiliary tool for weight loss, only a "supplement" to a healthy diet and sports.

Epsom salt in the household

The broadest application of Epsom salt is found in the household. Although, maybe it is not known to all hostesses. MirSovetov offers available, in what it is able to help us.

Salt perfectly stimulates plant growth, both household and garden vegetables and fruits. We just need to water them with a solution that contains 1 tablespoon of funds for 5 liters of water.

All the housewives love to be in the bathroom tiles andkitchen shines with cleanliness. But dirt on them is so strong that not every expensive tool can cope with them. But magnesium sulfate can. To do this, just take the soap and Epsom salts, mix them in equal proportions and rub dirt mixture.

By the way, Epsom salt has an excellent andlow decorating tool. With it you can create a vase for flowers from any glass container, for example, unnecessary cans or bottles of wine remaining after the holiday. For this purpose the outer wall dishwashing lubricated adhesive layer which is applied to Epsom salts. The resulting decorated vessel should be thoroughly dried. On request, it can be decorated with bows of ribbons or paint from a spray.