The use of cedar oil

Not to be confused cedar oil, whichproduced by cold-pressed from the nuts of Siberian cedar essential oil, which is extracted from the wood. Walnut oil is used not only in cooking but also in folk medicine and cosmetology.

Useful properties of pine oil

Synthetically bring cedar oilimpossible, this product is simply unique and unparalleled in his nature there. He was always considered a delicacy, for its nutritional and beneficial properties, it is superior to all vegetable oils. This product is more calories than pork fat, vitamin E in it five times longer than olive oil, and three times higher than in coconut oil. This vitamin prevents the formation of plaques in blood vessels of the body, and also makes the product rancid with time.

The greatest value of cedar oil - is the presence ofvitamin P, the content it surpasses fish oil capsules that are sold in pharmacies. Vitamin P - is essential fatty acids, some of them, such as linoleic and linolenic acid, by themselves do not form in the body, therefore outside must necessarily come from food. If they are in the body is not enough, people will always get sick from respiratory diseases, and he will not be protected by vessels accumulation of bad cholesterol. Particularly strongly feel the lack of these acids, small children, they immediately begin to develop dermatitis.

According to the research found that cedar oil cure diseases such as:

  1. Acute respiratory infections, flu, laryngitis.
  2. All skin diseases, and especially psoriasis.
  3. Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.
  4. Trophic ulcers.
  5. The manifestations of allergy.

As a preventive measure, thisoil is used for general strengthening of the body, they can remove the chronic fatigue syndrome, it increases efficiency, both mental and physical. It is useful to use this oil to people who have problems with skin, hair, nails, those who live in unfavorable from the viewpoint of environmental areas, and those experienced on the job permanent psycho-emotional stress. It is useful to add in food oils and small children that are part of the product elements are beneficial to the growing organism. Also, experts allocate fact that the oil is able to excrete heavy metals.

The oil was used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetics: it is composed of perfume, ointments, creams and other products popular cosmetic companies.

Treatment of cedar oil

Traditional medicine has long been usedcedar leaf oil for their own purposes. Medicines based on this product to give good results. Thus, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, gastritis and MirSovetov recommends taking a teaspoon of this oil in the morning half an hour before meals and at night before going to bed. Drink oil should be for three weeks, relief comes after the first week, but if the disease is not fully recede, we must take a break of 10 days and over again to pass the three-week course of treatment.

Atherosclerosis healers adviseddrink 30 drops of oil of cedar nuts for half an hour before meals, preferably in the morning. To be treated in this way should be a month, then make a break of 14 days and, if necessary, you can repeat the treatment. But oil is not only taken orally, with him and make compresses. So, in frostbite and burns it is necessary to make a compress oil and apply it on the wound, wrap well and replaced as needed, with a bandage to go until until it is fully cured.

should be lubricated twice for skin diseases inDay Cedar oil affected areas and at the same time to make it into a teaspoon. Treatment continued for one month, then take a break and you can take a course again. But for allergies need to drink the oil three times a day between meals strictly. Only need to remember that if a person is seasonal allergies, such as pollen, then start to drink the oil as a preventative need a month before the onset of this season.

Cedar oil in cosmetics

Due to the fact that many nutrient oilsubstances, it can be a substitute for any cream, it is remarkably moisturizes the skin, softens and supplies vitamins. If you are not yet ready to part with your favorite cream, for best effect, add to it a few drops of this oil, and your skin will be transformed in a few days.

Use oil and make-up remover, for thisyou need to warm it up a bit, put on a cotton swab and treat the skin. This means pleases its versatility, it is possible to remove makeup and eyes.

In the hot season it is useful to oil allexposed parts of the body, as the oil is an excellent UV filter. With this tool, even tan on the beach will be more secure than other cosmetics. For dry skin and as a prevention of wrinkles is useful to make compresses of warm oil. To do this, lay down several layers of gauze cloth, dip it in warm oil, a little squeeze. Then lie down and put a gauze compress on the face and neck, to lie in this position for about 15 minutes. If desired, repeat the procedure, that is, remove the wrap, again moisten it in oil, put on your face and lie down. The procedure is desirable to repeat twice a week.

It is desirable to add a teaspoon of this oil inany home manufacturing masks for the face, besides cedar can be replaced by any vegetable oil which is used in home recipes cosmetology. It is also necessary to take oil and inwardly to saturate the skin and the body as a whole, inside vitamins. Suffice teaspoon three times a day before meals for a month to supply your body with all the nutrients.


Like any other product, taking intooil need, starting with a small dose. Because as it happens idiosyncrasy. After the first oil receiving listen carefully to your body, if you did not have any discomfort, then you can continue treatment.

Since oil is so rich in calories thatbeyond all indicators of animal fat, then you need to be very careful to use it to those people who are overweight. A little oil will not cause harm, but a few spoonfuls a day as a remedy for this category of people may be superfluous.

Oil quality depends on whatnuts used for its production. In addition, another important transportation and storage methods. Therefore, purchasing the bottle with oil, carefully check the integrity of the package at the color and after the open, and flavor. It should not taste bitter. In quality color transparent oil, not dark, and the smell of slightly gives "sour." The taste of sweet oil.