The use of burdock oil

In folk medicine of different countries useddecoctions, infusions of burdock root, and burdock. Broth use inside and burdock oil topically. With this plant treated leprosy, gout, peptic ulcer disease. Women from ancient times knew about the healing power of burdock oil for hair loss. Today, oil is used mostly in cosmetics. The use of burdock oil Agrimony (or simply burdock) - a plant inour country is known to almost everyone: large leaves up to 70 cm long and the flowers that a child is constantly clinging to clothing. Its medicinal properties, this plant has been known since ancient times, not only in our country but also in India, America and China.
In folk medicine of different countries useddecoctions, infusions of burdock root, and burdock. Broth use inside and burdock oil topically. With this plant treated leprosy, gout, ulcers, used to relieve pain associated with arthritis and yet in many ailments. Women from ancient times knew about the healing power of burdock oil for hair loss. Today, oil is used mostly in cosmetics.
Oil of burdock has a unique complexbiologically active substances, it showed more than 50 components, including vitamins, minerals, organic acids, tannins, polyacetylenes.

How to get burdock

In the old days this medicinal oil is obtained as follows: chopped burdock root poured vegetable oil, insisting in a few weeks, and then filtered. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the fat-like components contained in burdock roots, dissolved in the oil. Today, there is no need to prepare burdock yourself, as it can be bought at any pharmacy at affordable price. And it is proved that with such household oil extraction process, only a small part of the mineral substances dissolved in the oil, and large and remains in the root.

How to choose the pharmacy burdock

The use of burdock oil Today, some pharmaceutical companiesuse modern methods of preparation of burdock oil, to achieve the greatest possible percentage of extraction of nutrients from the roots of plants. For example, a pharmaceutical company NPO "Elf" uses a carbon dioxide extraction technology, in which the biologically active substances extracted from plants of several tens of times larger than the traditional method of oil extraction. Its product on the market known as the "Real burdock".
But it is important not only to the way in which retrievednutrients from burdock root, but also what kind of oil is taken for the base. On this depends the additional properties of the oil, as well as how it will be rinsed from the hair. For example, olive oil is much healthier soy or even more mineral, which is produced by distillation of crude oil. Burdock extract based on mineral oil is very difficult to wash off the hair. Most often becomes the basis of a mineral, soybean oil, sunflower oil, at least - almond and olive. This also affects the price of the sale of burdock oil.
Manufacturers of many, and if, looking at the packaging,not always get to know which way the nutrients extracted from burdock root, then find out what kind of oil is the basis as possible, for this you just need to read the composition.

The use of hair

The use of burdock oil Known expression "Eyes - the mirror of the soul"then the hair can say "This is a mirror state of the whole organism." Problems within the body are immediately reflected on the condition of hair. But the problem with the hair can also occur due to scalp diseases such as seborrhea or dandruff.
Burdock oil improves blood circulation in the skinhead, thus strengthening and stimulating hair follicles. In addition to its composition have a component which blocks the action of enzymes that cause hair loss. And oil is an excellent tool in the fight against dandruff and seborrhea due to the content in it of antimicrobial components. These properties of burdock oil is well known for a long time, so it is the main drug in the treatment of hair loss in folk medicine.
If hair loss is caused by someshort-term factors, such as myocardial anesthesia, reception of some drugs, nervous stress, the burdock helps in such cases, better than any other means. If the hair problems caused by vitamin deficiency, hormonal problems, reduced immunity problems of the gastrointestinal tract, it must be used in conjunction with medication.
Several times a week to do massagescalp with burdock oil. Pre-need a little oil to heat to enhance the effect. Massaging your head to gently in a circular motion, leave the oil on the skin for an hour, pre-wrapped head with a towel and then wash off with shampoo. The result is visible after about a month of regular use. The course of treatment is two months. In particularly difficult cases, the oil should be used every day for 2-3 weeks.
You can use burdock oil inno matter what your hair type. It is suitable for dry hair and for greasy. It reduces sebum secretion, so oily hair it exerts only a positive impact.
Today, the market can find sprays and tonicsHair, which include burdock extract. These tools help to treat hair after exposure to adverse climatic conditions and procedures such as salt water, sun, perm, frequent use of hair dryer, ironing and curling. Spray is convenient because it does not need to wash off after the application of the entire length of hair. He holds posechennye ends, hair is easy to fit and look well-groomed. And while the spray on the hair, is the healing process.

Applying mascara

By stimulating the hair follicles, oil does not only strengthen the lashes, but also will enhance the growth of new cilia. Thus, a few months of regular use of oil, eyelashes become thicker.
You do not have to try to put the oil oneyelashes to their very foundation, as in this application of oil can get into the eyes. It is enough to apply oil from the middle of the eyelashes, the right amount of it itself will fall and fall on their base. The preferred use for this pre-washed with a brush from the old carcasses.

Application to the skin

The use of burdock oil Due to the unique composition of burdock is also used for moisture, food and cleanse the skin. It can be used for dry, oily, aging and problematic skin.
Owners of oily skin are afraid of the faceuse any oil to nourish the skin, but that burdock will help to normalize the sebaceous glands. It also has the property to regenerate skin cells, so it is good to use for aging skin. Also, burdock oil will escape if the facial skin is weathered during inclement weather.
Thanks to the polyacetylene compoundburdock oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it is used to treat many skin diseases such as acne, boils, barley, various kinds of rashes, blisters, herpes, and even psoriasis.
The oil can be added to the water while takingbath, it will make the skin soft. You can rub it into the skin before showering, it will give your skin silky. And it perfectly softens roughened skin.