Antimony eye

Oriental Beauty eye - the most extraordinary anda welcome gift of fate, which dream of all women. But to achieve such an expression can be through the make-up of antimony - colorant that Arab beauties used for eyeliner, age toning, and even the treatment of the eye.

A little history

The name of the colorant "antimony" originatesfrom the Turkish "Suremain", which literally means "blackening". But this black powder is also named "kohl", which came into use by the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. At its core, antimony is a black stone which is ground to dust, and the state is traditionally diluted with castor oil. It is this simple recipe glorified oriental beauties all over the world.

Women's eyes were for centuriesepitome of mystery, magic and beauty appeal. This force is always charming representatives felt, but bring it to the male gaze could only by a competent makeup. Since the strict canons required to wear the burqa and the hijab, the girls were hit the man's heart at first sight. In this case, they come in handy antimony, practice application which has its roots in antiquity.

Beauties of Ancient Egypt used kohl todarkening of eyebrows and eyelashes, from the 19th century. BC. This applied malachite green as the shadows than to protect their eyes from hitting various infections. From Egypt makeup antimony quickly spread around the globe. For many years in a row kohl it had a high value and was the prerogative of only the wealthy women. But current trends in the world of cosmetology allow to use this miracle drug without restrictions. About species and applied correctly Kohli will tell healingandbodywork.

Features of antimony

Typically this substance is used aspowder, the advantages of which are that it has no expiration date, no contraindications, does not cause allergic reactions. This natural makeup can be applied even to children, unless, of course, in this there is a need.

Using Kohli is much more useful thantraditional makeup. At the same time, make the antimony produces a more natural appearance, emphasizing the dignity of a woman's face. The powder can be applied to the entire eyelid, rubbing it, even in the very base of the eyelashes, because it is completely safe and non-irritating to the mucous membrane. This creates the effect of an invisible make-up, when people are surrounded by will notice your eyes, but it will be quite difficult to understand what it is they have attracted attention.

Antimony can be easily removed with a century and it does notYou need to buy expensive washing or tonics. Just use the castor oil, which also further moisturize the skin, accelerate the growth of eyelashes and increase their volume. In addition, this makeup can be safely left for the night, as well as the use of antimony daily.

antimony Species

Kohl powder. This is the traditional form of the coloring material, the use of which has several advantages: removing the swelling eyelids and eye fatigue, improve visual acuity, increased growth of eyelashes, the possibility of daily use. This antimony perfectly sets off the color of the eyes, placing the emphasis on the merits of the girls. It is easily washed off using conventional oils or soaps.

Antimony on Basma and almond oil. This form Kohli is best suited to create a rich oriental make-up. Assume for use both on the eyelids and eyebrows. By entering into the almond oil, antimony intensely moisturizes the skin, nourishes it useful components, so that the eyes look healthy, beautiful and visually increase. The colorant is carefully mixed, so makeup is applied perfectly evenly.

Antimony pencil. This variety allows Kohli put enough bright makeup, which produces the effect of "wet" look. In particular, it is useful to apply at night, because the eyelid skin perfectly nourishes and accelerates the growth of eyelashes. It can be easy to wash off makeup remover tonic or plain soap.

Antimony-based camphor. Included in the plant extracts complement Kohli natural effect of antimony, and the result is a safe natural cosmetics. Applying make-up such a substance is recommended for tired eyes, irritation of the skin, as well as at long visual loading. Therefore, if there is a need for long-term work at the computer, driving, etc., It is worth paying attention to this kind of Kohli.

The traditional structure of antimony

Kohli powder is thoroughly mixed withadding several components that provide resistance make-up, as well as its medicinal properties. Let us consider in more detail what is included in the powder of antimony:

  1. Mashed stone antimony.
  2. Mustard or castor oil - used asfastening base material. It was his exposure accelerates the growth of eyelashes and strengthens their structure. In addition, the oils have antibacterial, soothing and antiseptic properties, providing the eyelid skin oxygen supply, strengthen capillaries and nourishing vitamin K.
  3. Kapoor Cachar - natural antisepticorigin, which has analgesic, sedative, anti-inflammatory action. Its active ingredients are able to excite the nerve endings in the epidermis, thereby expanding the blood vessels and improves skin nourishment. Because of this, a person acquires a healthy look, rapidly decreases puffiness and circles under the eyes disappear.
  4. Vaseline - is also used as a basis. Its hypoallergenic properties make it possible to apply antimony to any type of skin, regardless of age. It forms a film designed to retain moisture within the skin. It does not contain fragrances, chemicals and preservatives.

Thus, antimony is not only a coloring agent, which can create an unsurpassed makeup, but also therapeutic agent, improves skin, eyelashes and eye.

Equipment applying makeup of antimony

In order to create a real oriental make-up, you need to prepare the following:

  • thin wooden rod, which willrounded end. This wand overnight place in the olive oil, that it has absorbed the oil base. This is necessary in order to antimony powder faster and more intensely absorbed in the tree structure;
  • Kohli directly the powder.

Methods of application of antimony on the eyelid is quite simple. To do it, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. In the right hand take a stick to make it comfortable to put stuff on the right eyelid.
  2. Impregnated with olive oil dip rod in a jar with the contents of the powder, lightly brush off the residue.
  3. Hold it parallel century, starts to thin line from the inner corner of the eye.
  4. It is necessary to apply the powder as close to the mucous membrane of the eye. Do not be afraid of falling into the matter - it does not hurt.
  5. In the same way, move the arrow on the left eyelid, pre obmoknuv rod in antimony again.
  6. Lightly shade the contour of the eyebrows, so they do not look dull against the backdrop of makeup.

So get rich along the contour of the eyelashes,which immediately gives the brightness of her eyes, but at the same makeup looks completely natural, as if you do not use any means decorative. Note that the excess powder can collect in the corners of his eyes. It must be removed with a cotton swab dipped in oil.

Most importantly, the use of antimony for the eyes -completely safe, natural and useful way of applying makeup. The absence of chemical components have a positive impact on the skin, its elasticity and healthy color.