Anti-cellulite body wraps at home

To get rid of excess weight resort to such procedures, massage, electrical stimulation and liposuction. Unfortunately, these methods are not cheap, besides not always bring the desired result.

Less expensive and sometimes more effective thancostly procedures, is wrapping. It has many advantages. Thanks to this procedure, you can clean the pores, to bring the harmful toxins from the body, to saturate the skin with vitamins, relieve swelling, improve circulation, smooth and improve the elasticity of the skin, get rid of the hated stretch marks and scars.

If you regularly wraps, you cancure cellulite, make skin beautiful and smooth. Today, there are quite a lot of wraps recipes, each of which is based on the effective exposure of the active components of the mixture.

Stages wraps

If carried out anti-cellulite body wrap at home, you will need:

  1. Oilcloth Polyethylene or special film for wrapping.
  2. A warm blanket.
  3. The mixture for wrapping, which today can be bought at many pharmacies.

Before wrapping must firstclean the skin and open the pores. To do this, use a scrub. You can add to your coffee grounds and gel to wash this scrub in the shower. Thanks peeling will remove all the dead cells. This mixture will penetrate the skin wrapping.

After cleansing the skin canjust start wrapping. To do this, apply to problem areas of the skin prepared mixture. After that, cover the area with cling film, then place on top of the blanket and lie down so for about half an hour. Instead, you can wear warm clothing and take an active homework or do some exercise. You can generally just lie quietly and rest as advised some doctors. The choice is yours.

When the time expires the procedure, remove the filmand then take a shower, during which split fats will be output to the outside. For this purpose it will be useful to put a little massage cream promassirovat problem areas. Not necessarily limited to only a shower. Instead, the soul can take a bath with sea salt and essential oils. The procedure is desirable to complete the application of anti-cellulite cream.

Procedures wraps MirSovetov recommends three times a week for one month, and six months later, it is desirable to repeat the treatment.

Hot anti-cellulite body wraps

If cellulite and extra weight is already unbearable,it is recommended to select the option hot wraps. It is effective through the use of elevated temperature, which activates the metabolism and enables the beneficial ingredients are much better absorbed. A full course of anti-cellulite body wraps lasts from 10 to 12 procedures.

The hot wrap prepared as follows. Selected seaweed soaked in warm water for 20-30 minutes.

It is important to know! The temperature of water in which the algae are soaked, should not be more than 60 degrees. The point is that at higher water temperatures in algae useful properties disappear, and thus such a procedure will not be effective.

The finished weight is applied to the body and a thick layerthen wrapped with cling film on top. If the mixture seems too viscous and unpleasant body, it is possible to use cheesecloth, folded in two layers as a barrier. wrapping procedure usually lasts about an hour. Then rinse with a mixture of algae and lubricate the skin moisturizer.

Cold Anti-cellulite body wraps

Cold Wrap has such a beneficial effect:

  • removes cellulite,
  • relieves swelling,
  • It removes harmful toxins and wastes,
  • It tightens the skin.

It can even be carried out at the venous dilatation.

For the procedure, the mixture is prepared almostsimilar as for the hot wraps. Only water is heated not more than 22 degrees. In order to enhance the effect of coolness in the resulting mass can add mint and menthol. The duration of this procedure is typically 30-40 minutes. Noticeable results can be achieved in a couple of sessions. A full course takes 12-15 procedures. Re-use is allowed only after three months.

Additional recipes wraps

Confirms the effectiveness of anti-cellulite body wraps numerous testimonials of people who carried out these procedures. Here are a few recipes.

The oil body wrap. For him, needed 2-3 drops of olive, peach, almond, wheat germ oil and grape seed oil. You can use a mixture of all three of the following essential oils: grapefruit, orange, patchouli, bergamot, cedar, mandarin, cypress and juniper. Each of these ingredients will require no more than two drops. Ready means thoroughly mix. Then apply it to problem areas of the skin.

Wrapping of clay. It is required for two or three packages clay (mainly in packaged form). Suitable blue, green or black clay. Mass wrapping is diluted with water to a concentration of sour cream is added a few drops of essential oils. After that, the mixture can be applied to problem areas.

Honey-milk wrap. It takes 100 grams of honey melt in a water bath, then add a couple of tablespoons of milk and mix all. You can add to the mix milled salt.

Honey-mustard wrap. The honey is added one tablespoon of dry mustard. If there is a need, then diluted with water. The mixture is applied to the wrapping problem areas.

Chocolate wrap. For this it is necessary to take the wraps 100 grams of dry cocoa, dilute it with warm milk until the mixture reaches the consistency of sour cream. Apply evenly on problem areas.

Coffee and pepper wrap. It takes 100 grams of coffee grounds, one teaspoon of red pepper and one teaspoon of ginger. All the ingredients knead with honey or cream and put on the skin.

Seaweed wrap. Looking shredded dried seaweed. We fill them with hot water and put in the time to give swell. Then add to the mix one tablespoon of olive oil and a couple of drops of essential oil of lemon fruit.

It is important to know! Together with the anti-cellulite body wrap is recommended to adhere to proper nutrition. At the same time should be excluded from the diet of sweet, fatty and fried foods. After all, it hurts the figure and has a detrimental effect on health. Be attractive and unique!