All you need to know about solariums

Since Coco Chanel introduced the fashion of tannedskin, sunbathing has become prestigious. To purchase exclusively smooth, beautiful tan color can be necessary to resort to the services of the artificial sun - tanning.

How it works

The composition of the ultraviolet rays in the solarium differs from that of the natural sun. Thanks to special filters cut off the most aggressive rays and dosed feed rays useful.

Choosing a solarium, ask the composition of lamps: UVB rays yield very dark tan, but to reduce the risk of scalding them to be used in conjunction with rays UVA. This is especially important for people with delicate, pale skin. Record another plus solarium if it uses a lamp with reflector - a special reflective layer.

Types of tanning

There are two types of tanning: horizontal and vertical.
In the horizontal lamps are closer to the body, butthey are not as powerful, so there is less risk burnt. Hygienic problem here has disappeared since the start of the use of a special film that changed for each client. But if in your institution prefers to act on old-fashioned way by rubbing the surface spetsrastvorami, do not be shy to make sure once again that the employees do not shalturili.

In most modern sunbedsused & laquo; anatomical capsule & raquo; - They are more convenient lie and tan falls smoother. But after taking a few sessions you will be sure to & laquo; white spots & raquo; in areas of the body most of the pressure on the glass due to circulatory disorders that have to & laquo; clean up & raquo ;, already standing on their feet in the solarium the second type.

Vertical solariums more common.
These pluses is attributed that, standing inbooth, you can to dance to the music, and so tan lie smoothly and fast & laquo; stick & raquo; to the skin. The same disadvantages falls need to use more powerful lamps, since they are farther from the body and the ability to burn more.

But this is not the whole palette, which is ableoffer newfangled tanning studio. Beyond the usual horizontal and vertical have booths there sunroom-chairs for those who do not want to tan completely. Increasingly, they there are additional features: water spray, aromatherapy, electronic management or extra facial lamps.

Important! We select the mode.

Type 1: white or pink skin, often with freckles. It does not form the pigment, never tans, even after many sessions.

Type 2: fair skin, light brown hair. Sensitive to excessive doses of ultraviolet radiation. Recommended mode solarium: 5 min. with intervals of 2 days. Only after receiving proof tanning sunbathing to 12 minutes.

Type 3: shatenok skin, dark brown hair. The skin is well perceive ultraviolet light, minimal risk of burns. Recommended mode solarium: the first session - 7-8 minutes. After a one-day break - increase to 10 minutes, once a day break, and then you can sunbathe in full -. 12-15 minutes. everyday.

4th type: slightly dark skin, brown hair. Recommended tanning treatment - 15 min. daily. After 6-7 sessions, you get a nice tan, for the maintenance of which will have to go and see in a solarium 1-2 times a week.

Need to know!
It is not necessary to go to a solarium for children under 15 years, sotheir skin is too delicate; In addition, according to some studies, the abuse of the sun at this age may subsequently lead to cancer. Pregnant women in the solarium too should be taken with caution - may appear pigmented spots. Put these trips and if you are taking antibiotics, hormonal drugs, psychotropic and diuretics.

Fundamental rules

The first thing you need to do starting to go and see in the solarium, - calculate the time of visits, the intervals between sessions and find the makeup that you will use before, during and after.

- Need to start sunbathing with 5 minutes and bringthe duration of a maximum of 20; go to the solarium is not more often than every other day, and upon reaching the desired skin tone support it appearing in the solarium 1-2 times a week, but not more than 50 times a year.

- Do not forget about contact lenses - before a session they should be removed or else use the means for moisturizing.

- Before the first visit to the solarium is sure to get special glasses that will protect you from a retinal burn, and take care of the breasts, if you plan to sunbathe topless (!).
It will not hurt as Solitaire for hair.

- If you have a tattoo - it is also to cover, because some of the ink, especially green and red, can cause allergic reactions.

- Before a session
is to lubricate lips a moisturizing balm.


There are many reasons, pointing to the use of unreasonableness solarium. And just to determine - whether you make artificial & laquo; sunbathing & raquo; or not - must be a doctor.

In no case can not go to this place at:

- Problems with the cardiovascular system
- Atherosclerosis
- An open form of tuberculosis
- Frequent attacks of bronchial asthma
- Diseases of the hematopoietic system
- Increased sensitivity to the sun
- A large number of moles on the body