Everything you wanted to know about skin moisturizing

Moisturizing Body Cream

Usually, a lot of girls, especially at a young age, especially a lot of attention to your face, hands, and about the rest of the body, somehow overlooked, enthusiastic, as they say "facade".

However, the skin of the whole body. Quite naturally it requires appropriate care to remain beautiful for a long time, velvety, soft and elastic, as in his youth. To do this, we will have to make quite a lot of effort, if the natural inclination, your fate is not awarded.


  • 1 Do not forget to take care of his own body, and its moisture
  • 2 Always read the label - to know that "eat" and "drink" skin
    • 2.1 Glycerol
    • 2.2 Hyaluronic Acid
    • 2.3 Vitamins
    • 2.4 Natural, natural moisturizing
    • 2.5 Essential and other oils
  • 3 Practical advice on the selection and application of moisturizer

Do not forget to take care of his own body, and its moisture

As in the first place requires our dermis toyou had a fresh feeling of lightness and elasticity, easy to answer any woman. Of course, skin initially be given that from which is the whole human body, at least in large part, that is, water.

Quality always allow moisturefeel confident, get rid of the constant tightness, flaking, or simply keep your skin supple and pliable throughout the day, for years and years to come, in advance.

This is especially significant moisture in today's big cities, where dust, smog, pollution, the ubiquitous machines and plants, fairly charged with the already contaminated atmosphere.

Our dermis absorbs it all, like a sponge, wantingget an extra «mouthful» of oxygen, or a drop of water, because it is extremely important to saturate the skin of the moisture it that she and need, rather than the products of combustion of gasoline and the like, all too unpleasant, substances.

Moisturizing Face CreamBecause the best and choose a moisturizerfor a body with a hydrating effect, which will help to fight dehydration, high quality moisturizing the epidermis, making it more elastic, flexible, and therefore nice and fresh.

In these and other cosmetic creamsDrugs containing such substances, which are able to create subtle plenochku that prevents the evaporation of water from the surface of the dermis, and in addition, more and help the epidermis regain the ability to qualitatively retain moisture.

A good moisturizer can smoothsmall and even large wrinkles can be absorbed, without residue and without leaving surface stickiness and greasy, and protects against harmful, excessive sunlight.

Always read the label - to know that "eat" and "drink" skin

Of course, choose a moisturizer for the body tothis time, not just as an abundance of jars, flasks, vials and tubes on the shelves of cosmetics stores makes the heart pounding excitement, and her eyes just run away, not knowing for what the bright label "hook" your look.

First of all, do not really trustDrugs that promise "golden mountains" or immediate effect for good, and also promise to make you a beauty, like Salma Hayek or Angelina Jolie. Of course, the moisturizer for the body is a good thing, but to make such a serious metamorphosis, it is still not in force.

So read the label, and to know what to choose, let's see, what should be present, and that may even be moisturizing cream for the whole body.


In essence, the substance is likelyonly the simplest, trihydric alcohol, which looks. As a little sticky, thick liquid. However, there is a feature of glycerin, which makes it a component of many cosmetics.

Moisturizing Body Cream with glycerin cancollect moisture directly from the air, and keep it on the surface, but also in the depth of your dermis. Products that contain glycerin, fall into the "white" list, as do the epidermis smooth, beautiful, and most importantly, well-moistened.

hyaluronic acid

Indeed, hyaluronic acid - iscompletely natural component of our dermis with you, because natural ingredients for a moisturizer for the body, still worth looking for. It can penetrate.

A surface can be qualitatively andcomplex acting, as they say, on all "fronts". This material is essentially a fatty acid, and in modern cosmetics, namely it is the best of the known humectants.


How to moisturize your face at homeAnyway. And vitamins, precisely will not damage the epidermis, which needs constant replenishment of energy, which sometimes do not have enough. However, the main mass of the vitamins are liposoluble base, that is, they are more suitable for nutritional and creams.

Moisturizing Body Cream same must necessarilyhave a water-based, light, airy, not to leave the very, cursed by all greasy. Because for moisturizing best vitamin B5 group, which, firstly, is water soluble, and secondly - "can" quickly and qualitatively to feed, and at the same time, and moisturize the epidermis.

Very well, if the moisturizer for bodyIt has in its composition and vitamin E, which is also just for selected purposes by us. Only tocopherol, as it is called in other words, it is capable of almost perfectly bind free radicals, of course, slow down the process of aging or fading in the dermis.

Moreover, tocopherol is also gives moisturizingeffect, that is, again, just fits. The presence in the cream of vitamins A, B, C, and so on - this is a big issue, since in theory, they can not be equally useful with voiced already above, in the same medium.

Natural, natural moisturizing

The benefits of natural ingredients of cosmeticsfunds mentioned repeatedly does, because we repeat, we will not only point out that the more natural in your cream, the smaller will be its shelf life. This should provide you a real indicator.

Are excellent moisturizing substances suchsuch as bee products, and in particular the honey, propolis, and so on. In addition, well-moisturizes the skin is the most common garden raspberries, or rather its extract, aloe is also natural, ideal moisturizer.

Moreover, if the moisturizer for the body is not available, for whatever reason, then clean the skin with aloe juice will be extremely useful.

Essential oils and other

The moisturizers are many of such substances can not be, however, a number, may still be present, and not just as a fragrance ingredient.

Lovely has moisturizing propertiesjojoba oil, castor and peanut, almond oil and silicone. Fine, if the cream also contains oil from wheat seeds, or oil, avocado oil, which are also sufficiently strong humectants.

Practical tips for the selection and application of moisturizer

As with substances, somehow it became clear needalso decide how exactly to choose and when to apply a moisturizer for the body to achieve a good effect, that is hydrated, supple and beautiful skin.

No special intricacies are not available for every girl or woman, in this case, not at all.

In fact, everything is simple as ABC, ponder each step, and the risk to buy a useless, and even more, harmful means can be reduced to a bare minimum:

  1. It is clear that for the purchase of moisturizer to the entire body, you need only go to a certified, reputable store or pharmacy.
  2. Do not pick up yourself, which does not fityou by age qualification. Since this can cause premature signs of aging, and in older, no reaction, that is, will be completely and unconditionally, useless for the younger girls.
  3. Moisturizing Body Cream also need to select forskin type. The more dry your epidermis, the more moisturizing effect you must have a means of selection. For fine, dry, flaky and prone to irritations of the dermis, it is better to take sparing and hypo-allergenic and creams.
  4. Never forget about the cleansing of the skin, apply the cream to moisturize, exclusively on the surface of the skin clean, pre-rubbed it, for example with a rough towel.
  5. For oily skin, apply a moisturizer can beonce or twice a day, ie morning or in the morning and evening. If the skin is quite dry, you can repeat the process, and even three or four times per day, to achieve the desired effect.
  6. In the summer, the time of application of moisturizersIt does not play a big role, but in winter, it is better apply the cream on the body, no later than two to three hours before going outside. Moisturizing ingredients may congeal in the cold and cause frostbite natural. And indeed, in the winter, it is better to switch to a simple moisturizing cream on more fat, nutritious.