Everything you wanted to know about fragrances


We all love the flavors.

Especially nice when groomed by women and men in light fragrance additives them ideal perfume is added to the smell of cleanliness.


  • Formula 1 and major perfume scents
  • 2 What is each type
  • 3 Choosing the right perfume

Formula spirits and the basic flavors

Separate the seven basic flavors:

  • citrus;
  • floral;
  • forest;
  • fern;
  • shipronovy;
  • amber;
  • leather.

All of them are divided into three types: fresh, sweet and astringent eastern or cold and warm.

In fact, from the variety of very difficultfind just the aroma, as well as the correct type of product. Still, manufacturers of perfumes offer consumers all sorts of lotions, perfumes, deodorants, toiletries and perfumed water. And if you take into account the aromatic oils, gels and creams, the choice is really huge.

perfumes manufacturing formulaextremely simple and includes water, alcohol, and aromatic composition. It depends on the composition of the final result. On the creation of unique scents, manufacturing, there are laboratories in which work the best specialists in this field.

Essence is an oily liquid with a structure which in its natural form is not suitable for use, so it was added water and alcohol, to achieve the desired concentration.

Just on the concentration, or more precisely the quantity of each of the components, perfumes divided into several types:

  • perfume with a concentration of 20-30%;
  • perfume water - 15-25%;
  • toilet water - 10-20%;
  • cologne or very light fragrance for women.

What is each type

The most concentrated and as a result, mostThey are expensive perfume. For their production used by most essences and purified alcohol. The Spirits distinct rich aroma. The price of this product parfyumnuyu depends on what substances were used to create a composition.

Sometimes, for some or other spirits, perfumersThey use very rare and exotic substances. In view of the fact that the concentration is high enough to drop a pair in order to staunch the pleasant smell pleased throughout the day.

This product is recommended to use thevarious events held outdoors or in the large hall as a very intense aroma. Produced enjoy these things in small vials from 7 to 50 ml bottle decorated with expensive and costs a lot.

For the most popular among usersenjoy perfume water in view of its lower cost and less saturated flavor. Despite this, the smell quite stable and remains approximately 4 h. In fact, many companies prefer not to release the spirits of all, it is betting on perfume water. Bottles 30,50 and release volume of 100 ml.

The most popular product was the toiletwater. It certainly is not as concentrated as perfume and perfume water, but all the same percentage of essence in the 10-15% is also good. Additionally, for creating a composition not used 90 and 80 percent alcohol.

Incidentally, for the majority of cases in menproduce exactly the toilet water. This product is not as resistant as the previous two and lasts only 2-3 hours on the body. As regards quantity, can be found in shops vials 30,50,100 and 200 ml.

One of the varieties of toilet water iscologne. So called fragrance for men, in which the fragrance concentration is not more than 6%. Eau de cologne is rarely used as a perfume, men prefer to use them for daily cosmetic application.

Various gels, deodorants and other products despite the fact that they have to apply fragrance hygiene means and fragrance industry have no relationship.

Choosing the right perfume

If you decide to acquire their own good flavor, use using scented paper or foam. It is best to apply the sample to the hand or to purchase a sampler.

It is noteworthy that the flavors tested freestate - on the arm or in the air, and before buying the main bottle, you need to sniff his hand at least an hour and make sure that this is what is right for you.

The aroma is not disclosed immediately as soon as youopen bottle. First, you basically smell the alcohol base, and only after some time manifest heartfelt notes, which determines the nature of spirits. In addition, the fragrance on the skin may behave differently, which means that even the most pleasant smell to you can really not be appropriate.