Everything you wanted to know about cosmetics


The term "cosmetics" came to us from the Greek and means care about looks and beauty. People at all times, care about their appearance.

For example, in ancient Egypt actively stainedeyebrows and eyelashes black, experimented with the color of hair and nails. Jews also made extensive use of aromatic oils, blush, white (modern powder). Of course, lead powder did not add health, but for the beauty of the people were at great risk!


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What is the makeup, her story

Decorative cosmetics Romans was muchsafer, because as they milled powder beans, flowers, washed with a mixture of goat fat and ashes. And that's not taking into account the various dairy emulsions, perfume, lipstick from fat. Natural components widely used for baths (hops, bran, milk). Particular attention was paid to clean and polish the form of teeth, hair.

By the way, people in the past were able to get rid ofunwanted body hair, shaving their sharp metal and even spending epilation! Actively used medical cosmetics, which helps get rid of alopecia, skin defects and so on.

Modern cosmetology saves us fromthe need to use dubious means, and to imagine anyone who would not use cosmetics is almost unreal. In fact, makeup is actively used by all: women, men and even children. The makeup of modern man must include soap, shampoo, toothpaste.

Women are actively using all sorts of masks,balms, gels and scrubs, while the men kept on the shelves means shaving and deodorants. Parents teach their children to use cosmetics from an early age. So, to care for a child up special soaps, oils, powders, creams. And all this is also considered cosmetics. So everyone can just go to the store and buy whatever he needs from budget to very expensive products.

Natural cosmetic

Despite the fact that the cosmetic industryoffers a variety of resources for care, they do not always bring the desired result. So, unfortunately, there are now a lot of allergies, which is very difficult to find that the skin will. Yes, almost every person has some flaws that can correct a series of well-chosen tools, but then try and find the best deal!

Thus, more people to returnroots and only natural ingredients prefers to use. They are looking for different recipes and create their own, personalized care cosmetics. In addition, many manufacturers are also denied the idea of ​​chemical products, and offers consumers a range of only natural resources.

In the world popularity of all herbal medicineIt is gaining momentum and is not in vain. Almost every woman will easily find in his kitchen the necessary components to create a unique mask or tonic, cream or hair dyes.

And it's true, natural cream of qualityingredients will hardly worse than the expensive professional cosmetics. And yet, the funds own cooking does not contain preservatives, for what your body says "thank you".

Cosmetics from the gifts of nature are also divided into categories, as well as industrial means of production.

The main types of organic cosmetics are as follows:

  • treatment;
  • personal hygiene;
  • decorative;
  • care products.

Medical cosmetics usually includesimprovised masks, creams, aromatic oils. From industrial means as natural cosmetic use clay, salts and shampoos and toothpastes. It is not difficult to cook your own soap, make a simple shampoo, facial scrub.

Cosmetics quite difficultplay house, but the market can find enough resources from natural ingredients only. This creams and lipstick and powder. But the hair dye can be fully prepared.

Of course, it is unable to radically changecolor, but to brighten them a few shades (honey), to give shine a light (chamomile) or dark (coffee) hair is quite capable. For example, a very popular mask for hair treatment with coffee and cognac. In addition to strengthening the hair follicles, it is able to turn light brown hair!

Choose what means to use caseEach, however, when purchasing or creating any means necessary to take into account the features of the skin and hair, check for allergies. And then the daily care you will be just a joy.