Everything about the basis for make-up

Cream - makeup base

By and large, decorative cosmetics, ita tool that helps women look excellently every second, all day, all year round, and skin care, it has a very mediocre attitude. Nevertheless.

It also may well be, and should contain evenSome nutrients and ingredients that take care of the dermis, regardless of morning on the street or lunchtime. It makes cosmetics for women and girls so attractive, perfectly fine, of course, if you use it wisely, making the necessary accents and hiding imperfections.


  • 1 The most difficult thing - the right choice
  • 2 Determine the objectives and choose from having the presence of creams:
    • 2.1 Cream makeup base for facial
    • 2.2 Cream base for the lips
    • 2.3 Cream base under the shadow of (around the eyes)
  • 3 Selection of bases for consistency
  • 4 A few practical tips for applying foundation cream makeup from "experienced"

The hardest thing - the right choice

any girl should be the main instrument, isof doubt, become cream makeup base, which is based in fact and the rest of the "beauty". Many women employed basis, even as a foundation, but the desired effect, it is, of course, will not.

Because it helps to understand what isIt is a cream makeup base, as well as her chosen so that it fits perfectly for you. Another important point is also a question about applying the cream base.

Macadamia oil for the face: the resultAfter all, if get it wrong you can get the opposite effect in general, and your pretty face will look dull, bold, or worse, spotty as camouflage commando.

The first step, of course, you need to decide,what kind of cream makeup base, you still is needed, because the market of cosmetic products, there is a huge amount of a variety of bases.

From such an abundance dazzled even the seasoned, experienced professional make-up artists, and even more so if you decide to buy a cream for the first time.

We determine the objectives and choose from having the presence of creams:

Cream makeup base for facial

As is clear, this cosmeticIt is intended to apply to his face and thereby align several skin tone and structure. That base, that is the basis of quality and help prepare your little face dermis to further application to it of foundation, powder and the like means that you are accustomed to using.

The choice of such cosmetics enoughextensive, because it will be difficult to determine, they come in a variety of colors and shades, and it does not mean that purchasing green creme foundation make-up, you will be as beautiful as the bride notorious Shrek, Princess Fiona, not at all.

Colors can camouflage under yournatural tone, gently remove the shortcomings and quietly lying on the skin. For example, the same green hide redness and tiny pimples, give the skin a glow blue, and yellow hide dark circles under the eyes and so on.

Furthermore, the base face may comprisereflective particles, which gives the surface of your skin extra radiance, and can protect against the harmful effects of ultra-violet. Choosing to be carefully, preferably using probes, then the result will be good.

Cream-base for the lips

Typically we do not use such means fordomestic application of cosmetics, and very vain. The base or foundation can be called whatever you like, for the lips - a gold mine for those who want to visually align the surface of your lips, to hide wrinkles, and most importantly, long time to keep lipstick in a fresh, beautiful form.

Indeed, on the basis of the applied lipstick will not spread and lubricated, does not lose its clear outline and does not "float" at the most inopportune moment.

Manufacturers produce similar means in the formspecial sticks, or in jars with brushes, there is also that the cream base under lip makeup looks like a pencil or a tube with an applicator for easy application.

Cream-base under the shadow of (around the eyes)

Dill for the person caring for the skin around the eyesAs is clear, this framework is intendedspecifically for use on eyelids. The fact that many of the basics quite suitable for a person in order to use them for a century, since the skin is very delicate and thin and easy to dry up, causing irreparable damage. This can lead to premature wrinkles, and that's for sure, no one should.

Because beauticians suggest using oncenturies only those foundations on which it is specified. The basis under the shadow often has matting effect and is extremely useful for those with skin has a higher fat content. Shadows applied to such foundation will not roll down, lay down smoothly and give a beautiful, rich color. However, they will be much better and last longer than when applied directly to the skin.

There is also another kind of cream base, this basemascara, that is a special tool under the mascara. However, its full-cream, of course, can not be called at all, because it is rather a primer. Nevertheless, the use of such a framework, which is a clear or white substance in a special tube with a brush, it helps to apply mascara on the lashes very easily and without any problems, it will fall more smoothly and look to be more comprehensive.

Selection of bases for consistency

When goals are quite clear, we must alsodeal with the fact what is the consistency of a cream base is selected individually for themselves. Especially that the choice is quite wide, and each type has its own base and minusiki plus sign, which must also be taken into account, making your choice.

Remember, only one - the basis, this is not foundation, because to impose on themselves a ton of money to hide skin imperfections, is simply useless.

This tool performs other functions, and therefore choose carefully and thoroughly:

  1. Transparent, liquid cream makeup base,which some have called the fluid tends to stay up perfectly to the skin surface. Basically, these foundations have a moisturizing effect, good ground dull dermis. However, more suitable for young skin with small pores and without noticeable flaws, so to deal with more serious problems, transparent and liquid means is hardly.
  2. There are also foundations with a creamytexture, different shades. Such bases and base makeup contain particles of the powder, that is, they are more akin to the foundation, so can hide better quality dermis defects, as well as to align its tone.
  3. For skin having large pores, and alsoexcessive fat content, perfect cream makeup base with a gel-like consistency. Such base is extremely light, airy and has a pronounced matting effect, remove the fat for a long time. Furthermore, the gel foundation dermis provides the opportunity to breathe freely, without accumulating in the pores and does not clog them.
  4. Option with gleaming (shining) cream base ispurchase only for those who are already well mastered all the rules applying conventional bases or tone means. After wrongly smeared shimmering base can give a person is not shining a fresh new look and sloppy kind of dirty faces. The fact that the base comprises a shimmering pearlescent, shimmering micro-particles, which possess an optical effect of reflection and to make things right, you need to stock up on experience, practice and infinite patience. However, if the first attempt did not work, it does not matter, after several attempts to achieve a result, accurate work.

It happens in the sale is also a solid cream makeup base, which looks more like zhirnovat powder. It is also a tool for the real pros that require special attention and accuracy of application.

However, after several unsuccessful attempts to trial and,you out of doubt, will be able to get the hand and do so as necessary. But such a framework to lay down a dense layer, and securely hide all skin imperfections, until the pimples and even scarring.

A few practical tips for applying foundation cream makeup from "experienced"

In addition, you need to choose the basewhich suits you most of all, we must also bear in mind that improper application of the tool, and as already mentioned, can negate all your efforts and works.

Therefore it is better to spend the extra time, be attentive, but the result looks very good, than to do everything anyhow, and get a "gift" slovenly appearance:

  • You can pick up a few kinds of bases and use them, depending on the case and will, for example, in the morning or evening.
  • Apply foundation on the skin better than their own fingers, but you can sponzhikom, pre-moistened with warm and clean water.
    The substrate may lay down unevenly, because optimally will apply moisturizer first, and only then, apply foundation.
  • For flaky or over-dry skin, it is better to start with the fat nourishing cream, then apply a moisturizing cream, and only after they are completely absorbed, apply the cream, a foundation.
  • Apply base or foundation is better from the top, that is, from the forehead, gradually sinking lower and lower, to the chin.
    After the basics perfectly fit any foundation or powder usual, though, young girls, as well as those whose skin is almost perfect, may be sufficient and the base.
  • Do not overdo it, cream must be based onon your little face in a thin, even layer, almost invisible, creating an impression of nearby perfect velvety and radiant youth and beauty.