All of the foaming cleanser

Foam skin: how to apply

Every skin care, for quite naturallyreasons, it must start with cleansing. Do not pre-clearing the dermis, you should not proceed to any other procedures, because this behavior is nothing good can bring.

After all the dust, dirt, exhaust fumes andmany germs and bacteria, just waiting, how to break through the natural barrier of the epidermis into our with you organism, and successfully take up their own dirty work.


  • 1 Proper cleansing - the key to healthy skin
  • 2 How to choose the right foam for the face
    • 2.1 Analyze the pros and cons, well before the acquisition
    • 2.2 Consider necessarily your own skin type
    • 2.3 Do not buy the cheapest options, and even more so, "outfit" with arms
    • 2.4 If the foam ceased to operate, or produces the opposite effect, so it must be replaced immediately
  • 3 What, indeed, it is a skin, and how to use it and apply to get a great result

Proper cleansing - the key to healthy skin

soverchenstvoThis can not be allowed in any way, because you canuse a variety of cosmetic products, the benefit of business, cosmetics stores, today, offer a huge selection of all kinds of products, which is designed to clean up our dermis from pollution, and at the same time, and against pathogens and their own, keratinized and dead cells.

One fairly effective cosmeticassets, of which at this time cosmetic industry produced a lot, a foam for the face, which helps clean up your quality nice little face, everything. That settled on the surface of the day or during the night.

How to choose the right foam for the face

As with any cosmetic product, foamfor the face, of course, it is necessary to select only individually, that is, in fact, "under him." So do not give in to the temptation to buy the same thing that advertises known star from the TV screen, or the fact that it is strongly recommended rather annoying girlfriend. Especially.

What each cosmetic product, and the cream for the face is not an exception, have their own poles and cons, and even the skin of our own people, and did not differ uniformity.

Analyze the pros and cons, well before the acquisition

Once you got the idea pretty headbuy yourself a cosmetic product as foam for the face, immediately ask yourself, why you need it, than to help and how to solve skin problems.

Especially since the foam - this means enoughradical, and it does make better use occasionally than regularly. However, if there is a problem and it can not be avoided, then the foam precisely to cope with its task, this can be absolutely no doubt.

Note sure your own skin type

Foam skin is available in mosta variety of options, and a variety of brands, because the choice is quite wide. Do not forget that in the first place, your choice should depend on the type of skin, which is available.

It is not necessary, of course, to get the foam foroily skin and use it, if in fact, you are a happy owner of a dry dermis. This can aggravate the problem so that then it will be extremely difficult to solve it, simple, and familiar to you, ways.

Moreover, even well-matched foaming facial skin can turn your problem on its head, figuratively speaking.

For example, if a long time to apply foam for oilyskin, then over time, the skin can be so dry it, even it is able to begin to peel off, because a choice, and to use the most, should be taken overly cautious, that's for sure never hurts. Always remember that the foam, means quite radical.

Do not buy the cheapest options, and even more so, "outfit" with arms

Understand for yourself that nothing good can not be too cheap, but there are quite a good cosmetics at an affordable price.

The bottom line is, where to buy foamface. The best option is, of course, shop, with an excellent and established reputation, or pharmacy. Naturally, you can request to provide you with the certificates of conformity, as have every right to know what are going to spread on its own, pretty face.

If the skin has ceased to operate, or produces the opposite effect, so it must be replaced immediately

Like it or not, but frequent use of foam leadsto a certain result, for example, if you dried your skin, it will inevitably become dry, and if wetted, it is possible that you may receive and excessive oiliness.

In this case, women and girls are beginning toconcomitant use various means for caring for the dermis, for example, masks, creams, gels, and so on, totally losing sight of the underlying cause, that is, the foam itself. But it was enough to change the foam to the face, and the problem would go away by itself.

So, if you notice the opposite effect, orYour skin just ceased to be effective as the epidermis got used to it, do not be afraid to change the tool to another, and it may even be radically different.

What, in fact, is foam, and how to use it and apply to get a great result

From all the above it is already possible to realize thatfoaming facial skin - means extremely radical, and choose it is with the mind. In fact, it means that you must first beat with your fingers or sponzhikom, before application to the epidermis, called crema.

The fact that the foam that is active and it is in this state of aggregation, it can penetrate deep into the dermis, to nourish it, to clean, exfoliate and moisturize.

The composition of the best facial foams, PhDtrying to introduce numerous substances and trace elements that are not only safe and clean the dead cells from the dermis, as well as all kinds of contaminants, but also nutrients, or moisturizers podsushivayuschee, etc., elements.

Because often foams are vitamin complexes,extracts or extracts of medicinal plants, as well as many others in its composition. It is only necessary to choose the right foam for the face, and the result, of course, will not be slow to appear. But that's not all, you also know how to properly use this cosmetic product, when in fact the wrong application, you can achieve the most unexpected results.

Terms of use:

  1. Whatever miraculous nor would you have chosen,foaming facial skin, too frequent use of it can lead to disastrous results. As the "battle", in this embodiment takes the "heavy artillery" in the form of active foam, the beauticians are advised to restrict only two, at most, three applications a week, and then only on condition that you do not problem skin, prone to allergies and irritations. In such an embodiment, it is better to restrict the use of all one-time per week, this will be pretty, but at other times, use a simple milk, gel, liquid soap easy, or that you are there for themselves, accustomed to using.
  2. A person must first moisten with water or vsprysnut as moist skin much better reacts to all manipulations produced with it as well, it is better absorbed nutrients.
  3. Squeeze a little foam on his hand, and gentlylather means, until it completely turns into a foam. This foam Spread face, avoiding, quite naturally, around the eyes, and even more so, mobile age.
  4. After application, you need a few seconds to massage the face, but without much zeal, the movement should be easy and extremely accurate.
  5. If you chose the foam in the form of a spray, it just enough to put on the face and massaged a few seconds, rinse with a little water.
    Rinse the foam a little better with cool water,which is perfectly tightens pores. Additionally, some recommend use of foam after application. Thermal water, or spray to the face, made on its basis. It is also well suited and micellar water.
  6. Do not Forget that the field of washing procedures with foam, it is necessary to put on your skin moisturizing cream or cream-gel, according to skin type.