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Body Cream butter

Women tend to take care of themselves, becauselook beautiful, young and attractive, are priorities of any normal girl. Is that hardened "blue stockings", a job or career, in the foreground life path, turning to look, as well as the state of their own skin, not a lot of attention.

And that, often, deep down, they also withlust, looking at the pages of glossy magazines, and no one is saying that they themselves are also dreaming look as beautiful and attractive as the girl model.


  • 1 What is cream the butter and to whom it is necessary to
  • 2 What will this cosmetic
  • 3 How to choose the right cream butter. That there should be exactly
  • 4 What are the components and the components are desired in body cream-oil
    • 4.1 Olive oil
    • 4.2 shea or shea mysterious
    • 4.3 Walnut oil

What is cream the butter and to whom it is necessary to

Fir hair oil: the best recipesSuch is the nature of women, and this, like it or not, will not be able to escape.

But, nevertheless, in order to always good, and evenchic look, and you need to make a certain amount of effort, for some it may be just a few moments a day, and someone may need a long and hard work on their own appearance, body and skin.

A significant role in giving the dermis radiant and healthy appearance plays a good cosmetic product, such as cream, body oil.

This special tool, because it needs to choose with special attention and care as well as to avoid errors that can result in a very, very unpleasant consequences.

Because, like it or not, a cream-body oil,This is not a simple means of care, it is based, as the name implies, on a wide variety of oils, that is, it has a heavy, greasy basis. Moreover, oil, and is based on which a cream can be of plant or, worse of animal origin.

What will this cosmetic

Body Cream butter, different manufacturers, have one thing in common, they are specifically designed for the following purposes:

  1. Actively protect the skin from environmentalenvironment. For example, in the winter, when the wetting agents can only hurt and lead to painful frostbite as a result of freezing moisture directly on the skin, body lotion, oil may have beneficial protective function, protecting your epidermis, especially in open areas, from the icy wind and exposure to low temperatures. Furthermore, such a means to protect the epidermis from fine dust and dirt of the skin penetration of harmful gases and so forth.
  2. This can also be a cosmetic, andprevent the appearance of your skin on the first signs of such an unwanted, premature aging. Body Cream butter quality softens the top layer of the dermis, and also penetrates, makes dermis smoother and even more smoothes already existing on it, wrinkles, preventing at the same time and the emergence of new ones.
  3. It nourishes the epidermis at a deep, cellular level. Typically, the composition of butter cream is so saturated with all sorts of "utility" that to list them all, it is simply impossible. This cosmetic product can provide a complete, high-quality and complete meals for your dermis to absolutely all day if you use it regularly.
  4. Moisturizing moment. Oddly enough, but the cream-body oil also has moisturizing effect, and it is also extremely important in quality skin care. Many vegetable or animal ingredients such creams currently have moisturizing effect, such as olive oil and so on.

How to choose the right cream butter. That there should be exactly

Choosing a good cosmetic product, themore, especially in today's abundance of beauty products in stores and pharmacies, it's not easy and not simple, especially when it comes to such sensitive tools like cream butter.

Cosmetic oils for the hair: a reviewMany girls and women regret the factthat butter cream is too greasy, stain clothing and linens, poorly absorbed and clog pores, causing even the appearance of pimples and has an extremely powerful, strong flavor, from which dizzy.

All this, of course, partly true, in general, these complaints concern is the funds that are not natural ingredients in its composition.

Many unscrupulous manufacturerssimply trying to reduce the cost of their cosmetic "masterpieces" that replace expensive basic and essential oils, with cheaper, chemical elements, hence the numerous complaints about poor quality and variety of the "symptoms", with which we sometimes even run to the doctor rather than simply refer to the beautician.

So it is always better to read the label, and always be aware of what does really, there should be a qualitative cream oil body.

We will provide a short list of components that should encourage you to put a tube or bottle back on the shelf:

  1. Butylated hydroxyanisole or butylated hydroxyanisole (from the name of the shudder).
  2. Eugenol, eugenol or Latin.
  3. Oxybenzone or oxybenzone (also sounds quite sinister).
  4. Geraniol or literally - geraniol.
  5. CTrunk, the label can be written citral.

Frankly, this is not all, but that the mainchemical components, which can be found in pretty common, cosmetic products, as a replacement for natural and mineral substances.

Strictly follow the order to trace theseunpleasant substances was not in the cream oil, and you have chosen for myself. Environment and so quite polluted and gassed to also impose their own hands to different skin, obviously harmful "chemistry."

What are the components and the components are desired in body cream-oil

On the other hand, when it was very clearWhat body cream butter contain does not have, it would be desirable, of course learn which components have to be in this cosmetic product. To make it fully met all our desires, and at the same time, also the norms and standards. Initially, it is worth noting the more natural component of butter cream, so it is of course better and more useful.

However, there are additional "but" the more thethe most natural, that is, natural ingredients, the shorter is the expiration date, as well as shelf life, you acquired funds. By the way, it can also be used as a criterion when choosing a butter cream for the body, take only those tubes, which are given the most soon as possible, and you will not regret it.

In fact, in the cream-butter, ideally includethe base oil itself, or more oils, and they should be, of course, natural. Well, if they are enriched with vitamin complexes, from A to F and PP contain minerals, trace elements, extracts, or, for example, extracts from medicinal herbs and other plants, and even there such a wide variety, the spice or spices.

Olive oil

Camphor oil facial at homeAs is known, this product is extremelyuseful, and most importantly, widespread, body cream butter with olive oil - a real godsend for girls and women with excessive dry or flaky dermis, and those who need to remove stretch marks or scars, and so on. However, it is really very fat, and because the cream can stain clothes, so be prepared.

In addition, olive oil is richantioxidants, anti-aging and withering of your dermis, as well as vitamins of the groups A and D, which are pushing the ability of epidermal cells to update.

But the main component of olive oil - a monounsaturated fatty acid, of which a part of his almost eighty percent of which are able to nourish the dermis from within, at the molecular level.

Shea or Shea butter mysterious

In fact, nothing too mysterious,except for the name, the oil is not, however, it really is quite miraculous effect on the skin that beauticians recently noticed a woman Senegal and Mali known for a long time, even in ancient times.

The composition of this material is oftenpart of the butter cream body includes components such as triglycerides, and fats, and regenerating cells enviable stimulating natural production, i.e. natural collagen in the dermis.

Shea Butter is not as fat as olive oil, and therefore an extremely high quality and easily absorbed by the epidermis, leaving absolutely no trace, does not stain sheets and clothing, what is its advantage.

This oil can soften even the most coarsenedand cracked skin, heals solar, thermal and chemical burns, as well as to smooth out wrinkles and scars, but there are bad moment, shea able to clog pores, so you should be careful.


Often, body cream butter is made onbased on a variety of nut oils, such as peanut, cedar, walnut oil and hazelnut, hazelnut oil, and so on. Options can a lot since, and nuts have a sufficiently large number. Such components cream butter, have astringent properties, because the most wonderful way suitable for greasy, oily skin.

These oils nut origin, many extremely wide variety of minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, there are also vitamins and proteins and so on and so forth.

Cream butter on the basis of nuts, instantly absorbed, trace fat, as well as shea butter, leaves, and very capable to deal with excessive fat and excess sebum.