The alignment of the teeth, the bracket system braces

According to statistics, only 40% of men and straight teethcorrect bite. Cause uneven teeth can be as heredity, as well as more mundane reasons. It happens also that the jaw size does not match the size of the teeth - they do not have enough space. Failure to replace the milk teeth can also play a role ...
According to statistics, only 40% of people even teeth and correct bite
According to statistics, only 40% of men and straight teethcorrect bite. The cause of uneven teeth can be as heredity, as well as more mundane reasons - such as thumb-sucking in childhood trauma, rickets or general developmental disorders. It happens also that the jaw size does not match the size of the teeth - they do not have enough space or too much. Failure to replace the milk teeth can also play a role ...

The irregular or crooked teeth interfere with life?

The first thing that comes to mind - aestheticaspect, because everyone wants to be beautiful and attractive. But the problem is not only that. If the teeth do not allow to effectively chew food - stomach problems are guaranteed. Damage such teeth easier than normal growing - increases the risk of injury, and therefore infections (especially since as a rule to clean the crooked teeth harder, and therefore the likelihood of caries also increased). Well, it may already lead to headaches, diseases of the ear-nose-throat, problems with the eyes ...

Selecting orthodontist

In the modern development of medicine crooked teeth - not a sentence, but solvable problem. Even in adulthood.
Selecting orthodontist
To align the teeth need orthodontist( "Spur" from Greek). Choose a doctor you need to very carefully - the result of treatment depends mainly on him. And much easier to treat teeth from scratch than to correct the consequences of inadequate treatment - not to mention the financial aspect and the time spent.
Best of all, if you know someone who isdecided a similar problem and pleased with the result. You can pay attention to professional experience (at least 5 years, if you would not work, "study material"), diplomas and certificates (usually hung on the walls in the office). It will be interesting to see portfolio - photos of "before and after" of previous patients.
Another criterion suggested by dentists: good doctor can give an adequate prediction of the outcome, not earlier than six months of treatment, and therefore will not hurry with the full advance payment, avoiding the possibility that the treatment would have to give both the inappropriate.
Also, please note that look differentDoctors at one and the same problem may be very different, so it is advisable to consult a number of different professionals - and only then to seek help in aligning the teeth to those of them whose eyes and methods you like best.
The first clinic where you apply, you willpictures and a plaster model of the jaw. To save time and money healingandbodywork Council agreed that all you have given to your hands - so that you can refer to this and to other specialists.
Do not hesitate to ask a doctor before making a final choice. We are talking about your health.

Leveling plates

Alignment removable devices - platesIt has a fairly limited scope. The reason is that the plate does not move teeth (unlike the braces), and only holds them in position. Therefore, they are used in the case where the bones are still growing - ie either for children or for fixing other methods of treatment results.

The alignment bracket systems

The alignment bracket systems
With the help of braces can be correcteda lot of violations (malocclusion, "not in place" teeth, gaps between teeth, shortness of teething, deformation of the dentition). Age is not a limitation - it is desirable only to the bone and gums are healthy.
Due to what is happening teeth alignment? The tooth is not fixedly connected to the bone of the jaw, as if he is in a special hole, tied fibers of the connective tissue. When the long push hole wall (not much!), Then diverges bone, and on the other hand correspondingly grows so as it drifts tooth in a desired direction. Especially interesting is the fact that this property is maintained during almost the whole of life - as well as property to splice fracture, for example. The only problem - this motion is slow enough, it becomes possible to achieve the maximum - 1 mm a month. But this is already a lot.
How much time will have to spend on the treatment? In fact, the answer to this question is very ambiguous - it all depends on the specific situation. Actually wearing braces takes an average of one to two years, but we need some more time on the preliminary procedures, and some - to consolidate the results of treatment. It is possible that after the alignment of the teeth braces will have a lifetime to wear special retainer plate, to the teeth did not return to its original position, but such situations are rare. Usually enough about the same time as on the actual braces.
The order of treatment will determine your orthodontist. At first he treated you from dental disease (caries, tartar, etc.), it is also possible to send paradontologa or surgeon. All that is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of inflammatory processes during tooth alignment. Then, according to you designed specifically scheme, the doctor will set you brace the system and tell you how to care for your teeth during treatment. You will have to visit the orthodontist about once a month -.. To assess the progress of treatment, replacing the elastic members, the replacement of arcs, etc. After removing the system you have to polishing enamel and bearing retention system - how it will solve your doctor. Well, enjoy a beautiful smile.

The design and the types of braces

Bracket system
Bracket system (with English "bracket".) - Removable orthodontic device. It consists of several structural elements:

  • bracket - a special attachment to each tooth. Is fixed at the desired point of the tooth using a special glue (to then can be removed without damaging the tooth). It has a groove for the arch and wings, for which you may be engaged by a spring or elastic ligament. Usually bracket system includes 8-10 braces on each jaw (dispense medication only one jaw rarely works - it is difficult to accurately calculate a bite, and then the treatment process itself will be less comfortable). It is this element of the system owes its name;
  • arc - metal wire, cast inthe composition of the shape memory harmonious shape dentition for that particular patient. In the treatment was changed to the arc increasingly close to the desired result;
  • ligature - a garter to the Arc braces. May be metal or elastic. There are also bezligaturnye bracket system - in which the desired effect is achieved due to the design features of the slot of the bracket and the different sections of the arcs (from thin to thick rectangular round, filling the entire groove);
  • traction rubber or elastics - not mandatoryelement, for solving physician. They are attached to the brackets and set them in the right direction and force of impact. Their own clothes patient according to doctor's instructions, and changes every day;
  • supporting elements - special metal rings fixed to the molars. We need to ensure that the arc does not spontaneously left the position.

Braces itself for different types of braces - the rest is fairly universal.
Ceramic braces
As the name implies, it is made of ceramics. It is the most unobtrusive vestibular (ie, holding the side of the lips) braces - they are easy to pick up the color of the teeth. Strong enough not to irritate the gums. But because of the nature of the material are more expensive and larger in size than other types of braces.
Metal braces
Bracket system
Classic. It is the cheapest of the known braces. There may be a silver, gold or surgical steel. For children may be not only rectangular, but also in the shape of hearts, stars, etc. You should also emphasize their strength - their hardest skusit or break. The disadvantage is - somewhat longer period of habituation may gingival irritation in the first few weeks.
Sapphire braces
Made from a single crystal sapphire. It is clear, not colored food dyes, plaque accumulates on them. Other characteristics - like ceramic, but the price is even higher.
Plastic braces
Are used primarily for children - if atany reason not to use metal. Various colors and shapes are quite cheap. Of the drawbacks - the fragility and paintability food dyes.
Lingual braces
Lingual (lingual) braces differ fromthe remaining full imperceptibly, because installed on the inner surface of the teeth (ie, closer to the language). Usually, lingual braces are made of metal. Used public figures, as well as persons of dangerous trades - in order to avoid injury to the lips and cheeks. healingandbodywork can not be said about the negative aspects of lingual braces. These systems affect the diction, the alignment of the teeth usually takes six months longer than with the "external" braces. Home, in our opinion, the problem lies in the fact that finding an orthodontist, confident working with such a system is still rather difficult. And the price is also significantly different - such a system is much more difficult to establish. Caring for such a system too complicated.

Life with braces

Life with braces
For successful treatment it is necessary to follow a few simple rules when wearing braces:

  • you can not drink or eat something hot or cold - can deteriorate the arc;
  • can not chew gum - then it is difficult to remove from the system;
  • it is impossible to chew solid food - because of the mobility of the tooth roots there is a risk of harm;

The first week probably just have to restrict ourselves to puree food, and later is easy to carry a small pocket knife and cut them all the solid (rather than bite).
If the system is rubbing lips - healingandbodyworkHe advises to ask the orthodontist to help you, and it will cover the system of special soft wax on the adjustment period. Also can help nightly packs of sea buckthorn oil - just put on the spot rubbed them soaked cotton wool.
It is also important to keep the mouth clean. Teeth need to be cleaned after every meal special brush with a special paste (Your orthodontist will sell you train them and use).

Psychological aspects

Most refuse treatment bracesit is motivated by psychological reasons. Usually it is the fear of pain, fear of ridicule, fear of looking unattractive. In the modern development of medicine are not those fears are greater under a real reason. For the most difficult moments of the treatment can be used painkillers. Systems themselves are quite small and inconspicuous, and the fashion dictates of health care. Even some of the screen stars are not shy about braces.
In life, they are also practically do not interfere - no smile, no kissing ...