Alginate mask

Seaweed - the product is not only delicious, butalso useful. Their composition is a unique substance, which has no analogues on the planet - the salt of alginic acid. Not so long ago cosmetology began to use them in the preparation of masks, which quickly gained popularity among those who dream of a second youth.

Operating principle

Opening of alginates belong to EnglishStanford chemist at the end of the last century. There was, like many great discoveries, this accident: a scientist is extracted from seaweed, iodine and alginate turned byproduct. Today, based on algae make medical masks around the world.

Sodium alginate is considered absolutely harmlessand the product is excellent for creating masks, as one of its properties - the ability to bind water in an amount that is greater than its own weight. After mixing alginate with water gives a gel-like substance, which contains many nutrients and minerals. When the material gets on the skin, it fills all pores and wrinkles, good moisturizing and nourishing. After five minutes the gel solidifies and forms a film on the skin, thereby lifting effect achieved using alginate mask.

MirSovetov recommends that before applying the masktreating skin active agents in the form of serum, whereas the efficiency alginates increase several times. The mask is easy to remove, and then her skin looks revitalized and hydrated.

Indications and contraindications

Getting on the skin, alginates immediately begin work to accelerate the metabolism of the cells. Result:

  • the skin becomes fresh and chilled;
  • lifting effect is achieved;
  • enlarged pores are narrowed;
  • decreases inflammation;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • disappear stagnant spots from acne;
  • improves lymph and blood flow;
  • cells more oxygen;
  • color improved markedly person;
  • slow down the aging process.

Alginate mask for dry skin andfat as normalize the sebaceous glands. But more often than they are used to smooth wrinkles first, because alginate stimulates the production of collagen and tightens facial contours.

Among the contraindications can be identified onlyindividual intolerance of components that are part of the mask. In other cases, the use of seaweed provides only a positive effect.

Industrial mask

In the industrial production of alginate masks are divided into several types:

  1. Basic - it is used for lifting and moisturizing the skin. To prepare alginate mixed with mineral water. Sometimes, instead of water, use a hypoallergenic whey.
  2. The collagen - mask designed for moisturizing, lifting, anti-aging treatment. For its preparation, a basic mask is still added and collagen.
  3. Chitosan - the mask is applied to tighten the facial contour, moisturize the skin and start the recovery process of skin cells. It is designed for dry skin.
  4. With ascorbic acid - this mask has a lightening effect on the skin: become less visible dark spots and wrinkles appear on her cheeks blush.
  5. The plant - to mask the production of addedvegetable components, it can be extracts of chamomile, ginger, aloe, green tea. As a result, the skin is hydrated, purified and saturated with useful substances.

industrial masks produced in the formgel or powder. The gel may be applied immediately, and the powder - is first converted into a gel, it is necessary to mix the dry ingredients with a mineral water according to the prescription.

Application of alginate masks

In order to mask to be effective, it needs to be properly applied to the skin:

  1. Preparation. Before applying the mask the skin should be cleaned. This can be done with the help of milk or liquid make-up remover. To mask is stuck after curing to the eyebrows and eyelashes, they must be lubricated with a thick layer of fat cream. On clean skin, apply serum or a mixture of oils, the mask will help the active substances penetrate the skin faster and deeper.
  2. Applying masks. After the whey is fully absorbed, you need to put a mask. If you powder mass, it is necessary to mix with the liquid in the ratio 1: 1 before coating. The consistency of the mask should be like thick cream. Mask applied in a horizontal position, the massage lines, and very quickly. The person to be while maximally relaxed.
  3. Removing the mask. The skin mask is about five minutes in a liquid state, then it begins to solidify. In the frozen state it is necessary to hold a further 20 minutes and then gently removed from the chin and going up to the hairline. After the procedure you need to wipe the face tonic or apply a nourishing cream. If before applying the mask you have not used the serum, then it must be done after its removal.

Alginate masks at home

If you do not have the opportunity to acquire an alginatemask manufacturing, you can cook it yourself. There are basic recipe of such a mask: the need to mix 30% alginate, 70% of diatomaceous earth, 2% plasticizer (calcium chloride solution) and mineral water. All components are available over the counter. If you did not find diatomaceous earth, it can be replaced with cosmetic clay and pearl powder. The mask should be applied immediately after preparation, it can not be stored because it hardens quickly. The composition may be added and other treatment components, depending on the type of skin and its problems.

Home Recipes alginate masks:

  1. For oily skin with fine wrinkles suitthis mask: Mix 2 grams of alginate, the same powder shiitake mushrooms, 5 grams of clay, calcium chloride vial and clean water. The mask should get the consistency of a thick cream.
  2. To moisturize the skin: Mix 30 grams of the base mask to 2 g argan oil, 0.2 g of allantoin, 90 ml of mineral water. You can add a fig extract, cotton and linen.
  3. For oily skin: Mix 6 g alginate, 2 teaspoons of kelp powder, 15 grams of cosmetic clay, 120 ml of mineral water, a vial of calcium chloride.
  4. For all types of skin: Mix 2 g of sodium alginate, 50 g of mineral water, 6 g of pearl powder and the same Rassoul.

To properly prepare the mask at homeconditions must first alginate soak in warm clean water. You will see that the powder is collected in clumps, like gelatin, but after a few hours the mass is smooth, gel-like. This step takes about six hours. Next you need to soak the remaining ingredients in a small amount of water. And just before application to the skin, these two masses are combined and thoroughly mixed, and a plasticizer applied to the skin as soon as possible. Upon contact with the calcium alginate plasticized quickly, so it's important not to miss the moment.

A full course of treatment is 15 sessions, treatments can be done two times a week. The effect of alginate masks noticeable after the fifth session.