Aging face: what to do to look younger

The face and neck, as well as the whole body covered with muscles. Shape and appearance of the face directly depend on their tone. As we age, many of the muscles of the face and neck, are actively involved in facial activity, shortened, reduced in volume and deformed, their tone weakens, the skin begins to sag.

All the changes that occur to the muscles, directlyaffect the skin condition and general facial form sagging muscles - is sagging, loose skin, wrinkles and creases. Lack of muscle tone leads to the fact that the face looks dull and lifeless, leaving blush. Some areas - such as the bridge or the lips, in contrast, are in constant tension. In such troubled places there are numerous fine wrinkles. Excessive muscle activity changes the contours of the face, deeper typing this or that expression, fixing frozen facial expressions.

All people, without exception, not actively working muscles century. Weak parts of these muscles lose tone, slide down that way forever and gradually slide to the eye, impairing vision.

Someone drawn or purses his lips -very often suffer from the problem of women. The mouth forms a circular muscle, the muscle-sphincter, which is constantly running. We talk, we eat, we laugh, we cry. In moments of stress pursed lips. A working circular muscle becomes thinner.

Furthermore, formed in the vicinity of a dangerousnasolabial fold: the junction of the ring muscles with other muscles of the face are constantly happening hall. The more work is necessary for this problem area, the deeper nasolabial folds and thinner - the lips. Intense lip spoils the face, making it a peevish or sad.

There are people who are beginning to ageoverhanging eyebrows. In other cases, they are, on the contrary, can climb, "to crawl on his forehead," when the frontal muscle loses its tone and dropped down, forever and begin to put pressure on the eye. To get rid of this feeling has to constantly stretch the forehead and brow lift. The skin is stretched and gradually raised his eyebrows.

Fainting muscles and tissues around the nose leads tothe fact that the nose visually "spreads" and growing. In some cases, the formation of cartilage - the nose and ears - with age does increase in size. Cartilage tissue has hydrophilic properties, ie attracts and retains water. With sag under its own weight of his heavy fabric over time. The problem with the nose aggravates the degradation of the muscles, which is located on the side of the nose. When this muscle is shortened, in contrast with her nose looks even longer.

Degradation of the muscles that form the upper partcheekbones, leads to the fact that they are omitted. Cheek muscles are involved only in a smile, but not the entire length, and the muscles of the cheeks, which are located in this area, work is not enough: they have only two functions - lighten up and draw them inside. Naturally with age subcutaneous fat reserves are depleted and become flat cheeks. Part of the fat falls in the so-called bag Bichat, to the bottom jaw.

As we age, most people have increased the amount of chin muscle, and chin looks larger, hardened. This muscle is growing, due to the fact that constantly works.

Frequent facial aging satellite - double chin. It occurs not only on weight loss, but also because of the weakness of the neck muscles. Neck with age tends to be covered by folds and shortened. This is a consequence of problems with posture. From stress and due to the need for protection, we reflexively stifle collar zone, ssutulivaya shoulders to close the heart and chest. Thus, on the edges of the muscles and chest compressed and shortened, muscle located behind lengthened. It becomes difficult to square his shoulders, pull the neck. Cervical spine moves forward, the muscles and the skin sag, creating wrinkles and folds.

Now that you understand how seriousthe problem of aging. That is why all of us need exercises for the face, how important it is to train the facial muscles using specific exercises. Regular classes are pulled are given in the tone of facial muscles, can achieve significant progress and look better without surgery.

It is a set of exercises and practices for the muscles of the face called "Feyskultura" has been developed to address these issues.

With "Feyskultura" complex can betighten the muscles of the face, draw a clear outline, smooth wrinkles, remove the overhang of the upper eyelid and chin, to increase the volume of the lips and cheekbones issue.

Author techniques - Alain Rossoshinskaya Specialistphysical rehabilitation, osteopathy advises to start to engage in 25-30 years when the first problems: under eye circles, fine lines, "floated" oval.

Here are the basic guidelines for anyone who wants to learn "feyskulturu":

  1. The sooner you start to do fitness for the face, the longer you manage to look young.

    If there is no apparent age-related changes, dothe whole set of exercises is not necessary - you have enough natural reserves of the young person. Engage Face Unlock: watch facial expressions, beautiful expression, the right position of the head posture.

    But those who have appeared wrinkles (it can happen at a young age), you should do the exercises at the appropriate zone. Solve problems as they arrive.

  2. Those who started to do fitness in the face40-50 years or more, it must be remembered that the result will be noticeable immediately. The main thing - a positive attitude, a desire to transform the inner and regular classes. Even the best exercises will be ineffective if the chaos in my head. The first thing to learn how to manage their own emotions.
  3. Do not try to "win" age better learningworthy to bear what nature gave you. Fitness for the face does not provide immediate effect, but reveals the natural attractiveness of women, emphasizing its individuality and keeping facial features.

    All exercises on modeling faces included in the book Alena Rossoshinskaya "Feyskultura. Domestic lifting for the face and neck. "