Acid peels

A special service for leather processing is registered inthe price list for each of the prestigious cosmetic salon. Thanks acid peeling, the skin literally born again - fade wrinkles, age spots and acne.

By acid peels include all types of proceduresdeep cleaning person using acids. These peels can afford both young girls and ladies of respectable age. The peculiarity of chemical peels is that acid acts on the skin gently but perfectly removes all dirt, cleans pores, removes dead cells.

How does exfoliation

To understand how the acid acts on the skin, you need to know its structure. Human skin consists of three layers:

  1. Epidermis. The upper part of the skin, rather thin layer, which is subject to constant fluctuations. It is intended to protect the human body from the harmful effects of the atmosphere and the ingress of microbes.
  2. Dermis. It has two layers - papillary and reticular. It is because the dermis, our skin looks firmer and smoother. Located in the dermis collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for skin elasticity. Also in the dermis contains many blood vessels and nerve endings.
  3. Hypodermis or subcutaneous fat. Between the fibers of fabric are fat cells - this is the fat cells, they protect the skin from changes in temperature.

If resort acid in the procedure of peeling, can each influence the skin layer to achieve a certain effect.

Types of acid peels:

  1. Surface. For its implementation apply acids having a small percentage. These include lactic acid, fruit, glycolic and salicylic. Such acids enable partially remove the upper layer of the skin.
  2. Middle. It penetrates the epidermis and reaches the deeper dermis layer of the skin. These types of peels help to achieve a pronounced effect of rejuvenation. For these types of peels use retinoic acid or trichloroacetic.
  3. Deep peels view relates to surgicalprocedure and is performed only in a hospital. With the kind of deep peeling chemical, you can get rid of wrinkles, scars on the skin, which were formed after undergoing acne and acne. To perform the procedure used potent chemical - phenol.

The principle of any kind of acid peels as follows: beautician deliberately using chemical liquids achieves skin burn. In response, the skin begins to actively regenerate - that is, to date. And the stronger will burn, the skin will be updated more intensively.

About peels and their effects

We reviewed the types of peels are now healingandbodywork talk about the impact of different types of skin acids.

  1. Fruit acids are used in the caseskin changes are not pronounced. An experienced cosmetologist, depending on skin type select the desired component of the fruit peel. Common fruit peelings are grape, mango, sugar, and cane. After the treatment, the skin becomes elastic again, improves skin tone, aging blunted.
  2. Mandelic acid helps the skin to get rid of scars and perform the processing of the skin against bacteria.
  3. Women with dark skin, the presence of acne, severe pigmentation, seborrhea prescribe salicylic acid peels.
  4. Lactic acid significantly rejuvenate the skin and give it smoothness.
  5. The safest kind of peeling isretinoic. The concentration of the acid can both increase and decrease. Depending on this, retinoic peels can be done as the young girls and women aged.
  6. Glycolic peels are used when the main goal is customer cleansing of the sebaceous plugs and dirt and getting rid of age spots.

This procedure is recommended

Acid peels for the face can be done if:

  • there is a need to stop the natural aging process;
  • There are facial fine lines and wrinkles;
  • There are seals on the face (hyperkeratosis);
  • We observed a strong visible or pigmentation;
  • There are not going acne, acne or blemishes and scars on them;
  • small scars on the skin after injury or surgery.

You can not make acid peeling procedure if:

  • People prone to allergies. Before the procedure, it is imperative to test for acid;
  • keloid scars are nature;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • during breastfeeding and during pregnancy;
  • body at an elevated temperature.

How does this happen

Since acid is known to be handled extremelycarefully, especially when it comes to face procedures. If you exceed the percentage of chemical components, the effects can be quite disastrous.

Standard procedure for cleaning the skin with chemical components comprises the following stages:

First. The skin is carefully cleaned and degreased from the makeup.

Second. Apply the mixture to peel. The acid (or a mix of acids) is applied to the face with a thin layer, in which people will feel a slight burning and tingling. At this point, the cosmetician should be very careful not to miss an unexpected patient response to acid. After acid exposure time on the skin are transferred to the third stage.

The third. Neutralize acid must be a special solution, which will help the skin to become hydrated.

Fourth. The period after the procedure. After a mini-skin burns, it more than ever in need of a thorough clean. Once applied to the skin acid neutralizer, it is humidified using the special cream - it will have a double effect on the skin: stimulating and regenerating.

helpful hints

Experienced beautician will recommend not to performacid peeling procedure in spring and summer, when the sun is particularly active. The fact that removal of the upper stratum corneum, it becomes very vulnerable and sensitive to UV-active. It was at this point a very high risk of severe age spots, which are then removed will be very difficult. Even after the full restoration of the skin to expose it to direct sunlight is extremely undesirable. And always, going outside, you need to apply the cream with UV protection.

You can not visit the bath and solarium, and sunbathing.

Each patient must be aware that action isacid peel on the skin can not pass painlessly. Even after aggressive component neutralized, the person may feel uncomfortable. After the procedure, the skin becomes inflamed, appear redness. In these days it is undesirable to attend important events and allow the skin to recover. You can not load skin decorative cosmetics, apply tone and powder.

The procedure for acid peels - a lot of stressfor the skin. Therefore, the recovery period is necessary to precisely comply with all recommendations of the doctor-cosmetician: use protective creams, scrubs and can not be used any means that contain alcohol. Clear skin can be soft caring agents based on micellar water-soluble oils or soft jelly.