About the dangers of smoking to the woman's body

All can be forgiven a woman, any weakness, butjust do not care attitude to their own health and the health of their children. It never was typical woman continuer of life on Earth, the conscious self-destruction. And not the other way and not call this stupid and useless habit - smoking tobacco.
About the dangers of smoking to the woman's body
Have you ever wondered why todayour streets so often seen women who smoke? Only recently this painting was rare and evoked universal condemnation. A woman wants freedom. A woman wants to attract attention, she needed something to occupy yourself in the moment of reflection, but is it all an excuse?
All can be forgiven a woman, any weakness, butjust do not care attitude to their own health and the health of their children. It never was typical woman continuer of life on Earth, the conscious self-destruction. And not the other way and not call this stupid and useless habit - smoking tobacco. I'm not going to frighten our women, listing those diseases, buy they can "thanks" to the cigarette, I will not say that the broncho-pulmonary system of the woman practically cured, fragile vessels bronchi are affected by smoking in a much greater extent than all other organs, and heart disease are treated very seriously.
I will not talk about the fact that smoking womenthere is a great chance to remain barren, and if a woman and have children, these children have a lower weight and reduced immunity. Do you want to born baby was obviously addicted to tobacco smoke? But this is true! Why do babies of smoking mothers cry more in hospitals than children born to non-smoking women? Because developing in utero, every day they received their dose of nicotine and were born with nicotine dependence. So they require a "dose", constantly crying and calling for a smoking mother. And, most terrible cries of these children are not terminated when they get the food, and when the fall in the smoke-filled room. Is that correct, cute expectant mothers?

Smoking and reproductive function of women

Smoking during pregnancy may affect the child after his birth, even several years later
A woman who smokes, suffer not onlyheart and bronchopulmonary system, and reproductive function. If a woman smokes a day about ten cigarettes, it may remain barren two times more likely than non-smokers. That the egg in a woman's body retains all the harmful substances from tobacco smoke, losing the ability to fertilize.
If taken hormonal pillsprevent unwanted pregnancies and at the same time a woman smokes, in this case, it puts your life is not just dangerous, and deadly danger. The danger lies in the fact that smoking while taking hormonal drugs on the order increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and cases of heart attack in smokers young women taking hormones, so often that cause physicians to abandon this method of contraception in the case of a patient smoking.
If a pregnant woman smoking, the casesmiscarriages she is much more frequent than in non-smokers, because of the difficulty of the embryo introduction into the uterine wall, but even if there was a miscarriage, the time of formation of the child's nervous system, which occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy, tobacco ingredients can affect it very negative.
As there is a high risk of stillbirth that occurs in smokers are five times more often than women, bypassing the cigarette.
But suppose that the woman successfully gave birthchild, but too early to rejoice! After all that she had smoked during pregnancy may affect the child after his birth, even after a few years, especially if the mother continues to smoke in the presence of your child. Child Suffers exchange substances, vitamins poorly absorbed, which causes stunted growth, such kids tend to develop worse than their peers whose parents do not smoke.
If you are serious about the future of healthbaby, stop smoking for a year and a half before his conception. Doctors believe that this period is considered optimal for cleansing the body from the effects of nicotine exposure. Only after this period can get pregnant without fear.
It is important to know also that if a woman does not smoke, buther husband is a smoker, it is virtually the same as the use of nicotine by itself. The so-called second-hand smoke is no less a negative impact both on the health of women and the health of the unborn child by her. It should be remembered future fathers. Do not compromise the health and life of your future heir just because you do not find the strength to give up the pernicious habit of smoking.

On the diseases smoking

The effect of smoking on the body of a woman

We all know the names of diseases,that scare smokers. But is this an exaggeration? I would say that even understated. But is it possible to transfer only one of these nightmares, stop the hand of a young girl who flicks a lighter? Hardly. Young girls, women think that all this is somewhere far away, they it can never touch.
But cold statistics say that morequarters of all cardiovascular diseases account the young age of smoking, and lack of oxygen is five times more likely it is for those who are accustomed to tobacco. Even if you smoke just one cigarette a day, already it causes a reduction in heart rate and raises blood pressure. With the increase in the number of cigarettes smoked increased, and a real opportunity to raise blood cholesterol levels and cause inhibition of the autonomic nervous system.
Did you know that only 20 minutes afteryou have smoked a cigarette, vascular tone is restored? This means that if you smoke one cigarette every 20 minutes, your blood vessels are under constant exposure to nicotine, they are sharply narrowed than cause heart palpitations and increased heart work, which wears out much faster than people who do not have an addiction to smoking.
If you smoke long enough,the reality of coronary heart disease increases several times, increasing depending on the experience of smoking. This feature is completely reversible if you stop smoking. Heart rhythm is restored within six months after quitting.

Let's beautiful!

Neither fact has no effect on a woman so convincingly as the effect of smoking on her appearance
Doctors have long noticed that not a single factSmoking harm so has no effect on women, as something that exposure to nicotine affects the very appearance of women. After the tobacco material contained not only affect the internal organs, and the skin, narrowing the surface vessels, resulting skin gets less power and is much faster aging. That skin smoking woman gives her addiction to bad habits in the first place. After all, it is in a constant state of stress due to oxygen starvation. Several years of continuous smoking five cigarettes a day is enough to make the skin of women has changed, faded and become dry and gray. The surface of the skin smoking woman dull and lifeless, and wrinkles appear much faster than non-smoking women. If we compare the 30-year-old women who use nicotine and 50-year-old, has no such addiction, it is not a fact, one of them will look younger and fresher.
Dry gray skin, wrinkles, age is not typical, dark circles under the eyes - this is not a complete list of the consequences of dubious pleasure.
Smoking women even find contraindicatedunder the sun! After all, the skin is not exposed to nicotine, may be exposed to direct sunlight for about 20 minutes, and the skin is exposed to a smoking woman oxidation processes that cause aging, after 5 minutes exposure to the sun.
Female smokers are rarely beautiful nails and hair. The nails exfoliate and break down, and the hair becomes dull and, no matter how they did not wash with shampoo, the smell of smoke will be eradicated.
Teeth woman as perishable, DCyellow patina is impossible to remove a simple brushing with toothpaste. Caries loves this mouth and this disease is five times more often in smokers it.

Myths about smoking

Smoking calms the nervous system - this is just a myth
If you think that smoking light cigarettes and superlight bring your body less harm, then you are deeply mistaken. There is no light damage by nicotine, it is a myth.
Many people think that once they quit smoking,immediately begin weight gain. It is also a myth. It is necessary to increase locomotor activity, everything will fall into place. A person gaining weight, quit smoking, start because a person returns to the appetite and appreciation for food.
Some believe that a cigarette helpsfocus. This is complete nonsense! The poisons that are released during smoking, poison in the first place, the human brain, think necessary, straining and applying much greater effort than the one who does not smoke.
The myth that smoking calms the nervoussystem, has no right to exist. Smoker only adds to the stress itself, as if smoking is not able to use the cigarette for a while, this causes such discomfort, the impact of which can only be compared with the feeling of constant hunger or thirst.
Think about what you can at any timeyourself to quit, too, is not true. We need to think and to justify himself, but just go and quit, without vows and oaths to himself. After all, you are the man! A man - creating intelligent and strong. Is cigarette stronger than you?

Lovely girl, dear women! Smoking has long ceased to be a fashionable habit and a girl sitting at a table in a cafe and smoking, even elegant, thin cigarette, ceased to command respect and admiration of men. Now "in vogue" of women, which smells of freshness and youth, not tobacco. Replenish the last series!
The aim healingandbodywork had no desire to scareyou, we are not going to deal with appeals to a healthy lifestyle, we just told you the truth about the "silent killer" called nicotine. And each will make conclusions for yourself! We very much hope that they will be faithful!