The procedure with the mysterious nameabdominoplasty embodies the dream of many - makes patients happy owners supple and taut bellies! All the features and nuances of cosmetic surgery now and discuss.

The surgery works wonders: It not only eliminates the hated extra kilograms in the waist, but also returns the past the lazy tone abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty interest primarily women, have recently become mothers, and people who lose weight rapidly. Those and other common problem: sagging abdominal wall due to excessive muscle tension.

Indications for the procedure

  1. Possibility abdominoplasty can seriously consider that no diet, no sports, no liposuction will not help to get rid of ugly skin folds at the waist, even in the long term.
  2. Abdominoplasty will come to the rescue when liposuction is not possible because of the sharp decline in Collagen-elastic quality of the skin - there is a high risk of getting the likeness of baked apples in the skin of the abdomen.
  3. The operation will be needed if sagging belly is dotted with a variety of strongly pronounced striae (stretch marks) or in the lower part of the left ugly scars after any kind of surgery.
  4. Skin and fat apron, ptosis (drooping) of the abdominal wall, the discrepancy recti - The 100% indications for abdominoplasty.

During the abdominoplasty procedure, you can deletenot only hernia of anterior abdominal wall (if it is), but also the lower ribs to give greater expressiveness waist. At the same time you can not do the contrary: any abdominal surgery and abdominoplasty - are incompatible.

Contraindications to the procedure

  1. Patient History provides information about lung and uncompensated heart failure, or decompensated diabetes.
  2. In humans, severe form of obesity.
  3. The patient has post-operative scarring in the upper abdomen (above the navel).
  4. The patient is planning a pregnancy in the near future.

healingandbodywork clarifies: abdominoplasty - is not a method of weight control and treatment of obesity. Before deciding on this operation, you need to find a reliable cause of the extra kilos and to develop for themselves a weight loss program. Abdominoplasty obese people show poor results, because the skin on the abdomen shortly deformed again.

Possible operations

Full abdominoplasty.

Tummy tuck done under general anesthesia. The operation takes 2-4 hours. The surgeon is working on the appearance of the middle and lower part of the abdominal wall by removing fat and stretched out skin. Then comes the turn of the rectus muscles: they pull together as much as possible to each other and in such a situation is cross-linked. Result - tight abdominal wall, a thin waist.

After the procedure is complete abdominoplasty tracessurgical incision along the bikini line are - from hip to hip. This is twice the track after a cesarean section. The scar can be easily hidden under a separate swimming trunks swimsuit. A second small incision is made around the belly button: the track will remain, but will be virtually invisible within 9-12 months after surgery.

The recovery period lasts up to 14 days afterwhich can undertake simple work. Appears in all its glory on the beach get about a month after surgery. At the same time, you can begin to perform simple physical exercises. Classes are more energetic sports (swimming, tennis) postpone at least six weeks.


This procedure is called partialabdominoplasty. Carry it under local or general anesthesia for 1-2 hours. Compared to the full procedure, partial mini-operation is considered not so risky: making small incisions, and the rehabilitation period will not take long. However, the effect of this procedure is less pronounced than the results after a full abdominoplasty.

During surgery it works only with specialistabdominal area, which is located below the navel. The navel does not have to move, as it is done with the full abdominoplasty. On recovery from a partial tummy tuck it takes about 14 days for the patients begin within 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Endoscopic abdominoplasty.

Less traumatic type of operation. The procedure is not suitable for those who want to get rid of excess skin in the abdomen after massive weight loss. With the endoscopic abdominoplasty tightens the weakened muscles of the lower abdominal wall with relatively elastic skin of the abdomen. Very often agree to such a procedure of a man with a diagnosis of "diastasis rectus abdominis muscle."

The operation was carried out using an endoscope(Miniature camera) attached to the surgeon's instrument. An incision is made in the navel or just above the pubic area. With the help of pictures that appear on the computer monitor, the doctor gives the desired position the muscles and sews them. Excess fat is removed by liposuction. At the end of the operation after the installation of the drainage system incision sutured. Postoperative scars are practically invisible. Man returns to work at 7-14 days after surgery.

Possible complications after surgery

When your health (in this case the stomach) inthe hands of an experienced specialist, the results are usually very positive. But do not forget that any surgical operation, unfortunately, has a lot of nuances, because of which may have all sorts of complications. If we talk about the abdominoplasty, it can be a slow tightening of cuts, abscess, hemorrhage, embolism. However, such complications after abdominal tightening of the skin are rare, but they can not fail to note. With the pathological processes to cope with the help of drainage and antibiotic therapy that naturally takes a longer period than rehabilitation after successful surgery. If the wound is not healed after the operation as it should, and were very noticeable or unsightly scars, you will need a second surgery.

By the way, if the patient smokes, in its own interestquickly give up cigarettes at least for a time of healing - this habit only increases the likelihood of developing complications. You also need to follow the instructions of the doctor carefully and responsibly on the part of physical activity before and after the operation. If the patient is taking any medications, be sure to put a doctor aware of this (even if we are talking about ordinary vitamins). For 1-2 weeks prior to surgery can not accept abundant sun. Here, in principle, and all the guileless prevention of various troubles after abdominoplasty.

It is interesting:

  • The first operation to correct the appearance of the abdomenwas held at the end of the XIX century in Baltimore - Kelly A. surgeon removed the skin and body fat in 1899. While not practiced horizontal and vertical spindle-shaped incision in the abdomen;
  • most insurance companies do not see a serious or life-saving procedure in abdominoplasty - This means that the insurance policy will not pay for this operation costs;
  • common cold or a mild illness - a serious reason to move the process on another date;
  • after the surgery within two weeks should not take drugs that reduce blood clotting (for example, aspirin and all drugs, to which it is included).