A bit of psychology by color clothing

A bit of psychology by color clothing

Still a little bit of psychology by color in clothes! The combination of purple and gray in your clothes says that you have developed a sense of beauty, but beauty ideals vysoki.U try on both yellow and purple is very well developed imagination, is a born traveler.

Purple with Brown talking about your attachment to the pleasures of food, luxury, lust for clothes shopping and a whole new acquisitions.

And in combination with a black purple speaks of the need to imitate.

Red and purple - the charm of aesthetics and sensuality, all that can excite.

Blue and Violet talk about aspirations for tenderness and sensuality.

Green and purple - the desire to win the support of others, to win their position, however, and unwillingness to take responsibility.

A blue and yellow selects the one who wants to be understood and to understand himself, who lacks a little love.

Blue and Black - rest, and the blue and gray - a certain detachment.

The contrast of blue and red indicates harmony and emotion.

Brown blue- and for those who need care and careful komforte.Samouverenny and characters who prefer a combination of gray and green.

Blue with green - it shows the consistency, accuracy and excessive control.

The owner of the dress, which dominate the green and red, enhances its credibility, however, green with yellow - the recognition of others and yourself.

The fatal combination of red and black indicates excessive desires, and red with serym- of impulsivity.

Green and black - pathological stubbornness and yellow and black - self-will.

Red and yellow - a thirst for knowledge and research, red and brown - self-gratification.

Grey and yellow - the uncertainty.

A yellow and brown - freedom without end, unlimited.

Green and brown - the need to rest, along with the black last constitute a waiver of all but the physical pleasure.

Gray and black - is closed in itself and closed from the outside world.

A gray and brown, on the contrary, - the need for attention from the outside.