7 popular styles hairstyles


Hairstyle par with clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up plays an important role in creating a beautiful and harmonious way.

She can tell a lot about a woman expressher inner world and the mood at the moment. Hairstyles, depending on the complexity of the execution can be divided into daily and holidays. In addition, there are various hairstyles, including each of the fair sex can choose the most suitable one.


  • 1 Classic style
  • 2 Romantic style
  • 3 Elegant style
  • 4 style "retro"
  • 5 Extravagant style
  • 6 Ethnic Hairstyles
  • 7 Sports style

Classic style

Hairstyles that belong to the classical style,attract, above all, its brevity, precision and rigor. They are versatile and easy to perform, so are suitable for the creation of almost any how everyday and business or holiday image.

In addition, these hairstyles have always beenrelevant. They never go out of style. These include many favorite: bob, tail, the so-called "Greek node", as well as many others.

Romantic style

By itself, the romantic style should bearan atmosphere of love, ease, good mood. Here at once there is an image of a young, pure and carefree girl, whose hair shimmer in the spring sunshine.

For romantic hairstyles, unlikeclassic, characterized by soft and flowing lines. This flirty curls and ringlets, curls and different shapes and sizes, which may look somewhat carelessly on the head, but at the same time, do not lose their lightness and attraction.

To create a romantic hairstyle more suited long hair or medium length.

Elegant style

This style is in tune with a little classic. Elegant hairstyles, as well as classical, have clear, concise form. However, despite the apparent simplicity, they are distinguished by elegance, well thought-out and highly artistic execution.

These hairstyles are suitable for women and girls withdifferent hair length under strict dress or business suit. They are designed to emphasize the individuality and good taste of its owner. By the elegant hairstyles include a haircut, "page", quads and many others.

Style "retro"

For this style include the once fashionable and very popular hairstyles past years.

They have original form and are so diverse, that still does not cease to surprise and excite the imagination of modern fashionistas.

For example, a retro style include haircuts30-ies of the last century with their characteristic abundance of soft waves and curls as well as in the style of the 60's hairstyle and the characters well-known musical "Hipsters". You can not miss the neglected and classic images of such stars of world cinema as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, etc.

Extravagant style

The style of the title lies the truth. Extravagant hairstyle is primarily in its unusual shape, styling, hair color, etc. Typically, these hairstyles are choosing girls and women who seek to express themselves, not be such as all creative and imaginative person, for example, the stars of show business and cinema.

The extravagant hairstyle - it is a challenge to society, it is difficult to ignore. It certainly would be interested in others. A striking example of this - the hairstyles in the style of a hippie or emo.

Ethnic Hairstyles

Ethnic style is popular not only in clothing, but also in the art of hairdressing. For ethnic hairstyles feature is belonging to a certain nation (ethnos), nation and culture.

For example, here you can include a variety ofHairstyles with braids: braids, French braid, "African braids," etc. With that, these hairstyles are not necessarily combined with the clothes in ethnic style, on the contrary, they perfectly complement the image of a modern woman of fashion, preferring the usual jeans and T-shirt.

Sport style

Hairstyles in sporty style designed specificallyfor girls and women who prefer an active lifestyle and do not want to waste your time creating an incredibly complex structures on the head. They include a short, dynamic and a bit perky hairstyle.

They are suitable for both young ladies and maturewomen seeking to look a bit younger. In addition, the hairdo in sports style may be the only salvation for the holders of unruly hair that are hard to style.

In addition to these hair styles, there are plenty of others who are less popular, however, and they have a right to exist.