5 ways to keep a tan

Look in the mirror - you look rested,refreshed, bronze shade hides imperfections. But this does not mean that in the coming months you can forget about their appearance. On the contrary, serious work - to preserve and increase the chocolate skin tone.

Intensive moisturizing. It is unlikely that you will appreciate the tanned but dry and dull skin. So every day after cleansing skin, use active moisturizers for the face and body. Do not change them for 1-2 mestsev after sunburn.

Beware of bleaching. Before applying any makeup for the face, study pack and get acquainted with its properties. Whitening effect has some cosmetics - in particular, the foundation and makeup base.

Remove the excess. Ispolzyvanie body scrubs seems unnecessary in the fight for the preservation of sunburn. In fact, otshelushivaya top layer of skin, you're doing a tan uniform and more stable. But the remedy is to be natural. For example, fit the coffee grounds.

Keep in shape! Try to wash weakly brewed tea. He mattes the skin, tightens pores, blocking the inflammation and acts as a natural tanning. Another drink that helps to preserve the skin brown shade - coffee. Stronger brew it, pour into molds for ice cubes in the morning wipe the face.

Try on a mask. Hydration and skin regeneration - such action must have the means for special care. Do not be lazy to cook them of what is at hand: Mix tomato pulp, 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Apply on the face, décolleté and leave for 15-20 minutes.