10 helpful tips

10 helpful tips

1. Why wait & laquo; hang up & raquo ;, to wash away the makeup, allowing free radicals systematically destroying your skin all night? If you're not going anywhere, take off your make-up as soon as you get home and give the skin a rest.
2. Do not know how to get rid of corns on her heels that make you look like a hobbit? Wipe them with half a lemon. This is a natural exfoliant and emollient.
3. Do you like the feeling of absolute purity after washing? But your skin - not. If she seemed to be contracted, so together with the dust and washed away all the makeup you sebum. It lubricates and softens the surface of the skin, helping it to remain supple and preventing the formation of bacteria. Choose a more delicate cleaning agents.
4. Owners of sensitive skin should pay attention to the composition of cosmetic products - it is better if they do not contain more than 10 ingredients. This means that they have less of antiseptic agents which can cause skin irritation.
5. Of course, you know that your body needs constant moisture. Do not desiccate the skin hot shower. Using warm or cool water, you keep the moisture in the skin (Almaty hot summer it is especially important), and at the same time taking care of the environment.
6. Why waste time trying to get his right eyebrow to become a mirror image of the left? No one said that they should be absolutely identical. And then, two thin strings instead of eyebrows make the face expressionless, and sometimes even older.
7. To find a perfectly suitable to you a foundation, apply concealer on the wrist line and see how it is pronounced in natural lighting. Do not rely on bright lights in the store cosmetics.
8. My favorite mascara a little dried up? It is easy to fix, if only briefly drop a sealed bottle in hot water.
9. Too lazy to do a manicure? It will replace the usual base under nail polish. It dries in seconds, perfectly evens out the nail surface, and its pinkish shade looks natural.
10. Do not apply the foundation, looking into a magnifying mirror: seeing all the fine irregularities of the skin, you definitely overdid it. Better Arise opposite the conventional mirror and mark the problem areas, and then come closer and blend cream.

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