10 tips for lip care

10 tips for lip care

1. You should not forget about the daily massage lip.
Of course, you will be surprised and think, why lipsI need a massage? But be aware that not only the body needs a massage, but also your lips. With massage, you can prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and prevent poor circulation. Massage should be done every day, for this you need a toothbrush or washcloth. Make a circular motion around the lips, gently massaging them. Also a little pat on the lips with a brush. After the massage the lips you have to grease them with fat cream.
2. The main rule, this moisturizing protection.
In the autumn before the winter our lipsexposed to the wind, cold and sun. During this period, you face chapping lips, and may appear premature wrinkles. In order for the skin of your lips was smooth, use special creams and lip balms. With moisturizing your lips, you will save yourself a lot of problems.
3. The rule is exercises to improve the shape of your lips.
Despite the fact that our lips are constantlyin movement, gymnastics for lips, we do not interfere. With the help of exercises, you will be able to maintain an attractive shape of the lips. Once a week, make retraction and extension of the lips, puffed out his cheeks and jaws move, alternating left and right. Such gymnastics for lips to do five to ten times.
4. The correct choice of lipstick.
Any completion of make-up is considered to be correctchosen lipstick. You must choosing a lipstick, do not forget about the color of your skin. Do not be afraid to use bright colors in winter. The main thing is that the color of lipstick combined with your makeup and your image.
5. The application of lipstick.
To make your lipstick perfectly looked onyour lips, you have to apply it correctly. Before applying lipstick, lubricate your lips with a protective cream. Due to the cream will help prevent lipstick from rolling. Then apply the lipstick on her lips, and then pat them with a napkin. Lightly powder the your lips and then apply lipstick over your lips and will be irresistible.
6. Correct application of lip liner.
Making beautiful contour of your lips, you canthe contour pencil. Thanks to him, you can visually enlarge your lips or reduce their volume. Apply contour pencil is necessary since the middle of the lips and move toward the corners of your mouth. Contour pencil should be a tone darker than your lipstick.
7. Applying lip gloss.
Choosing lip gloss, you can make yourlips more seductive. Apply it can be over your lipstick. Lip Gloss should be of high quality and expensive, only if it does not will be spread on your lips.
8. plump lips.
Every woman dreams of a sexual lips. If you are not endowed nature plump lips, it's not scary. You can use special lifting cream for lips and will be able to help him get the necessary forms to you, as well as smooth out irregularities on the lips.
9. Evening procedure.
Before going to bed, remove your lipstick special means for removing makeup.
10. Care for your lips in winter.
Once you have removed the lipstick withusing cosmetics, you have to moisten them. Once in 3 days, before bedtime lubricate your lips with vegetable oil. With this procedure, you can keep your lips healthy and sexy winter.
If you follow these 10 rules for lip care in the winter, your lips will please you and those around you.

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