10 Steps to victory

1. The more regular you'll keep track of your weight, the quicker you get used to analyze and conduct: & laquo; That this time made the scales creep up & raquo;?

2. Do not watch television more than 2 hours
The researchers found that lovers sit in front of a blue screen for several hours, a day calorie intake by 7% more than those who spend on this activity 1-1.5 hours.

3. Most Chat with your friends
If you have seriously decided to lose weight, find yourself a group of like-minded, which would discuss common problems.

4. drink while eating 4 g fiber
Thus, you will quickly feel the saturation, and get less calories. Incidentally, one large apple contains 5 grams of fiber, and is more than 200 g of broccoli.

5. Do not carry around the table hot disussy
It is established that in such cases, the person instinctively begins to chew and swallow food quickly.

6. Night sleep should be at least 7 hours
Scientists from the University of Chicago found that those who sleep enough, the blood contains enough of the hormone that controls appetite. As you can see, getting enough sleep - a direct path to overeating.

7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
And cold. This speeds up the metabolism by 30% and the effect lasts one and a half hours. One third of the energy consumed in the to heat the water to body temperature, and the rest goes to its ingestion. So consider: Drinking a glass of water, you do not get any calories, but how much you spend!

8. Do not stay at work
Sitting up late at the office, you yourself take away at his watch, which could be given training and preparation of food. As a result, when you get home time is simply no.

9. Urgent restrict the sweet
After eaten piece of cake sugar in the bloodincreases and starts to work insulin - a hormone pancreas. It controls blood sugar levels, reducing it to normal, and all the stores the excess as fat. Then this & laquo; sweet & raquo; index falls again and again ... I want to eat.

10. Do not eat more than you spend
Try to compare how many calories you raskhoduesh