10 myths about beauty

10 myths about beauty

Some women are so confident that,observing certain rules, will be able to look better, that bought the bright advertising. But often prepodnosimye a "blue screen" - is another myth about beauty.

The first myth: if you regularly massage the scalp, hair loss can be prevented. But it is not scientifically justified. Experts are of the opinion that only a scalp massage helps to combat stress.
The second myth: if you shave your legs, your hair will become thicker to them. Shaving absolutely no effect on the thickness of hair on the legs (they will be as much as incorporated into DNA).
The third myth: making once a facelift, these surgical procedures have to resort regularly. Of course, the tightening of facial skin can help you look much younger than any of his peers, but no lift is not able to stop the natural aging process. Therefore, another appeal to the services of a plastic surgeon depends only on the willingness of women to look beautiful, but not caused by post-operative consequences.
Fourth myth: to keep the skin young, you need to drink at least a liter of water a day. But the water does not improve the complexion, but only cleans the kidneys. In addition, if a person may be swollen drink a few cups of tea at night, in the morning.
Fifth myth: Cross-section of the ends of the hair can be restored. Make it impossible! The only way to get rid of the problem - a haircut.
Sixth myth: cosmetics on the natural basis are not cause allergies. Such a statement is unfounded, because if prone skin allergies, it can cause any cosmetics.
The seventh myth: If nails are constantly varnish, they will cease to "breathe", because of what will become brittle. Properly applied paint that does not contain acetone and is enriched with vitamins, strengthen the nails and protect them from breakage. As for "breathing" the nails - a keratinous plate, and therefore can not breathe.
The eighth myth: during the cold season can not moisturize the skin. Partly with this hypothesis, we can agree, because if you use a moisturizer in freezing temperatures, will appear red mesh (this burst blood vessels). Although some cosmetologists say that dehydrated and dry skin to moisturize need all year round.
The ninth myth: salt used for taking a bath, dry skin. All exactly the opposite: after such water treatments the skin becomes silky, soft and fragrant. In addition, cosmetic salt not only softens the skin but also makes soft hard water from the tap.
The tenth myth: regular use of antiperspirants, sooner or later lead to the development of malignant tumors. However, the relationship between breast cancer and use of antiperspirants is not scientifically justified.
It does not lightly to believe any such hypothesis: better self-check everything to make sure it's true or not.

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